The Family Bond! Chapter 5…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Now if I don’t discipline them and they become out of control, meaning “society” doesn’t have a grasp on them, then “society” can lock them away in their prison or drug them with their poison so they can control them.  Either way our children are in danger in “society’s” hands. 

“Society” beats them with whips and chains like dogs, collectively speaking, “society” treats dogs better than they treat our children, but nevertheless as soon as we as parents beat them not like you all have, then its abuse.   Then someone comes and take our children away from us like we have no say so in the matter.  As soon as we are violent for protecting and defending our families then we are bad parents, criminals, and savages.  Our homes are no longer a safe haven for the children we birth.  The craziest part of it all, is that we as blacks or less fortunate people fall for the bull shit. 

This is justice, so you say, where was this system when “society” was killing our babies by the dozen.  If we engaged this behavior, we too were punished but now if you engage in our disciplinary actions of our own children then we are abusers, negligent, and murderers.  Where is the justice for us?  It doesn’t exist! 

We can’t put children in a room and tell them they are punished but your “society” can put them in a jail cell and control all they do.  Isn’t that child endangerment?  You tell us it is and we go for it, but then you turn right around and do the same thing and it’s to taught us a lesson.  Where in the hell is that the same thing or even right?   We as people need to open our eyes and unite to take care of our own.  Do for us as one nation as one family. 

But don’t get it twisted we as a community, a nation has done nothing to help ourselves.  We hate on what the next brother or sister has because we don’t have it in match.  Instead of breaking down the next man/woman we as a community needs to uplift one another.  We have done exactly what “society” has done to us.  Now we do it, on a much higher scale. 

Genocide isn’t just a word with a meaning, it is a dysfunction that we have placed in our lives and for what?  To be better than the person you have murdered but, you’re not you’re actually worse!  At this point I can say with a disconcerting heart that you are worse than “society” and their mass murdering of our people.  You have become the “dog” fetching the bone that another “dog” has pissed on or deemed not good enough for him. 

We as a community must be better than that, better than “society” have categorized us. 

Where is the village raising the children?  Where is the community that pulls together and defend again genocide?  We are not supposed to murder one another but love and live for one another.  When I eat everyone around me eats and that is how it is supposed to be with others.  I can honestly, say I have seen the same people I feed turn their backs on someone else who is in the same position you were in before I fed you.  How can this be and then turn around and talk bad about them?  The nerve!  Are you, serious right now? 

If we don’t raise our children, they will do it for us and not how we would like for them to be raised.  Looking down on his/her own people and refuse to help them up when they see them down.  Come on people we are smarter than they want us to be and we know it, now it is time to show it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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