The Family Bond! Chapter 5…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I will be taking a break after this post for back to school. I have to prepare for a child attention freshman year at high school. This is going to be a small three week break.

There is more to life than just a good fight, or war or a battle.  Be more polite and courteous to yourself so you can share that feeling with others.  I think “society” battle so much with their own demons that they don’t know how to give them to the Higher Power so they project hate onto others.

Why must we fight, argue, debate, or murder one another over our own lives.  That makes no sense to have to debate with someone other than the Higher Power over your life.  Please, put down the gun, if you believe or don’t believe a person life is worth more than a bullet and a funeral. They are worth a chance to live out what the Lord has given them, life. Whether you deem them not worthy or just worthy enough for death. Give them the opportunity you would want someone your position (standing behind the gun) to give you. Because as soon as you turn around your life will be in the hands of another. Then you will be looking for mercy and if you gave none then none will be returned.

We must do more than try because trying isn’t working, we must do it!  Be like the tennis on your feet and just do it!  It’s in you to do so, you just have to dig deep down and pull it to the surface.   When a woman puts a man on child support it tells the “government” and “society” my home is broken   It also says that the child/ren father is not able to take care of his child/ren.   It leaves all types of stereotypical evidence that the black family is no good.  They believe that every black family in America is lazy and freeload off them for whatever they have to offer or don’t have to offer. 

We as black people need to look out for one another.  Think about this if we all did just a little more than our part the world, our world would be a better place for us all.  This may seem racist but that is what my people have suffered for more than four-hundred years and still face today.  Who cares, if I sound a little racist, I’m just trying to improve my black family’s mindset.

Yes, I know that “society” aren’t going to want to publish this book or stop it from print, but that’s only because they know I am right.  Rage against the system that binds my mind, body, spirit, and mouth.  You will not stop the truth from reaching my people’s ears and minds. 

If they want to stop something, how about the abortion clinics started by a Klu Klux Klan woman because she was scared that her children wouldn’t be afford the best education as a black babies or children.  That since black are already smart by nature that they will be more advance than her children and grandchildren.  She decided that anyone can donate to the clinic Planned Parenthood with the idea of killing black babies as the target.  If you stop letting black people raise your children then you wouldn’t have to worry about your children not being as smart as black people children.  You should raise them yourselves and see how dumb they really would be.  The crazy part is that most of you don’t even know that they take your eggs and fetus for stem research to cure whatever disease “society” children develop at birth. 

Yes, honey we are the cure for so many man-made diseases.  We have natural essences and sub particles in our DNA that we cure ourselves before we even get sick.  It’s not until we allow them to shove their poisons in our bodies that we become sick pass our natural ability to produce a serum in us to cure us.  That’s the real reason they draw our blood.  They test it on all kinds of disease they create so they can see how formulate a cure to help themselves not us, because we are the cure.  Everything about us is better than them and they know it, we just don’t know it.  Therefore, I am telling you now.

Did you know that “society” donate to those clinics with the motive just to kill black babies?  How many abortion clinics are there in “society’s” neighborhood?  The answer none, they believe their children are the chosen ones.  How many are in our neighborhoods?  Plenty, and more is going up every day.

Now they offer poison called birth control because they say we are over populating the Earth.  Dummies we are the beginning population that created you, stupid people.  Therefore, they are okay with genocide of black and other races that doesn’t fit into their social group.  It’s it true that “society” children went crazy and shot up a whole school, not once, not twice, but several different times.  Okay, I’ll be the first to admit the sniper Mohammed was a surprise but honestly, we were just as shocked as the nation.  Let’s be real they killed Mohammed, but “society mass shooters” killed themselves so they aren’t as bad huh, Bull shit! 

Pay attention people, as soon as birth control came about more black women became withered with cancer.  Most of the birth control leads to cancer.  I think they are trying to kill us before we have the chance to conceive.  If our uterus isn’t damaged before conception, we fall for it by allowing them to test trial all their poison on us.  Every new contraception on the market they push off on the black populated clinics and hospitals.  Our doctors whom are supposed to protect us are the same one using us as escape goats to push the poison are lining their pockets.  What an inhumane way to get rid of us? 

If we don’t love ourselves then love the children have bared.  I know it seems like every Government Agency has it out for people of color.  I know a lot of you work in these agencies, because I once worked in a few myself.  Have you ever noticed that the ratio doesn’t quite equal out, unless it is the jails, or prison systems?  Be conscious of your surrounding and know that they only hired you to say that they did their part.  How many of you know that you are way more qualified for the position your supervisor holds but because of your “nationality” you aren’t in that position? 

First, they lie and tell you it’s, because of a lack of education. Then you go and get this education, then they say you need certification and then you do that.  Then they say you need the years of experience or it’s no positions available for your classification.  Why did they wait until you did all this school and certification to tell you that there is no position?  Promotion time comes around and they ensure you that the person they chose was there longer and had the years of service.  When you find out they don’t even have the education that you have, you feel like an ass and don’t feel like it was worth getting the education.  In real life they are never going to accept you in a higher position wherein you supervise over “society.”  I mean let’s face it you will have to file a grievance and once you do they will give you a supervisory position but when you look at who you are supervising they look just like you or a little lighter, never that of a non-black complexion, if so they consider them less than you.  

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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