Confession Thursday! Corruption

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I live in Baltimore City (Bodymore), Maryland (Murderland) where just two days ago we ended the year of 2019 with 344 murders; a corrupted Major going to jail for embezzlement, tax fraud, and using her position of power to do person underhanded business deals; a Gun Task Force of 6 or more being federally indicted on embezzlement, excessive force, murder, selling drug, illegal incarceration, false imprisonment, harassment, etc…lord you name it they done it, and two former Police Commissioner jailed for Tax fraud, amongst other things. A city where we in Baltimore have one of the country’s highest human sex trafficking rate, one of the highest opioid problem and a flew of corrupted councilmen, delegates, congress with people quitting the government everyday. Soon the city and it’s surrounding counties will be running themselves because all the people elected and those who will take their places will be in jail.

Is the Black market that serious, that these many people have to die or is it that the Klan doctors refuse to save those lives of the black men and women coming into the Emergency Room. I’m starting to think that Hippocratic Oath means nothing to them any longer. Well it does if you have money but if you are poor and black or poor and white you can hang it up. They have really no use for you in this city so why not allow you to die especially when they can harvest the good organs you haven’t destroyed or use you as a lab project to see how to make life more complicated for those living in these poverty stricken communities. It is a fact think about it, look around your community and then take a drive and look around their community, the proof is there. I know you say just move but if it is a struggle where they are now, how are they going to move to better. The help isn’t there and the drive is trickling down and withering away. This is what they planned for and we fall right in, taking the bait every time. They could stop sex trafficking vehicles (white and black work vans) like they stop any black man driving a nice car, but they don’t. They know who is where because we have cameras everywhere. They know who’s doing what and they prey on them. What they didn’t expect is that it would spread like a plague and now it is coming to close to home. They will protect theirs but allow you to go into battle without ammunition.

Just two days into 2020, a new decade, we have reports of 10 shootings, I am afraid to know if anyone has died from any of those shooting. I know you are saying well it is the people’s fault. I can agree with you somewhat on that but when you put guns, hunger, poverty and an unforeseen economy, plus a unoiled government with no concern for the people in place, of course you will see things that’s are of horror plaguing the communities. The corruption didn’t start in the streets, it started in the system and flowed into the streets. If you aren’t giving the people what they need to survive then you will get gun wars everyday, missing children and women from everywhere and going everywhere, deaths of unstaggering numbers and chaos plaguing your city. The people counts on the government, law enforcement, and people of power to do the right thing, don’t ask why they just do. But greed is a terrible thing when someone of power has a large appetite and a small stomach, they take more than is needed mostly from the wrong people.

This is when the people (constituents) of those places get hungry, but with only the intentions of feeding their families and keeping the bills paid. They do things that the greedy people think is crimes, but they already know that this will happened, but aren’t they doing the same thing, however only the voters are paying for it. They know exactly what they are doing before they do it, while they are doing, and after they have done it. They just sit back and watch the destruction because the more destruction the more federal money comes in and they can put their hands back in the cookie jar or eat better than before. So my people STOP because you are causing your own demise while feeding their needs and not your own. Yeah, you get to eat until either they find you and lock you away for your crimes, or worse retaliation happens for who you have wronged. Either way the greedy people wins, until they are caught then the next greedy person steps into play and promises you they won’t do those things but turn right around and do those things or worse. Who loses either way, the voters living in those poverty neighborhoods that is riddled with crimes, drugs, guns, and people who wants more but there is no sign of more.

There is no better coming unless you make it happen for you and those around you. If you are the people then make it about you all and not about them. Take away their power by stop making it easy for them to forget about you by throwing you all under the dirt and call you the scum of the city. Crime only fuel their pocket and take more away from your community not the other way around.

P.S. Let’s make this decade different for us then we have done for the past two. I know we can be better than this.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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