Saturday Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Getting to know your neighbors. How many of you can say that you know your neighbors well? How many of you can say you know anything about your neighbors other than their names. How many of you can say you know anything about your neighbors other than what you see?

I can. I know my neighbors because I spend time getting to know them. I would say because I am noisey but that isn’t the case. It is because I have children and a grandchild. I need to know who lives around my family. Just because I see nothing is going on in their home doesn’t mean that they are who i want around my children or grandchild. I know more about my neighbors then the average because I converse with them and not gossip about them. I need to know who I can trust around my family. Not only that but I am very observant of their behavior, their body movement. The way the speak to certain children, people and their family.

There are child pediphiles living in your neighborhood and you don’t know it. It is people who sex traffic children on your block and you don’t know it. It is murders living right next door and you don’t know it because you don’t care. You just want to mind your business and let your children be children. Playing with the neighbor’s children and not knowing that that child is being molested or abused because you mind your business. Don’t know that your neighbors wife is being chained to the table while the husband goes to work. Don’t know that while you away from your home the neighbor has been in your house. Why because you don’t care to get to know your neighbors. Can’t remember the last time you shall Mr. So In So, up the street and he is in there dead. Ms. So In So house has been robbed three times and she is in the hospital fighting for her life.

See not only getting to know your neighbors will allow you to know who is living around your family, but also know when something is wrong and you need to be aware as well. I know if I haven’t seen my neighbors in three days to ask about them or go and check on them. I know that if my neighbors don’t see me for three days they come check on me. The reason I live in a good block, we have our neighbors we have to keep our eyes open for as well as those we have to keep our ears open for but we know who lives on our block and who is doing what. We can’t control their household but we definitely don’t allow them as much access to our children or homes as those we know we can trust.

We have community gatherings, we go to each others house for lunch, dinner or just a drink. We know which children are supposed to be where. We watch closely as they mature because we know that just because they look innocent doesn’t mean that they are. How the old saying goes, when the cat’s away the mice will play. We watches each other house for packages, and we have one another’s cell. We all converse on a daily and help each other out when possible.

Yeah, I know my neighbors do you?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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