Freaky Friday – I know I/You Want Sex

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Yes, I know that everyone can have sex, but do they really want it. I know I do. It doesn’t matter if it is in the form of making love, a quicky with the significant other or self pleasuring until the next time you too can get it on. The reason I say this is because sex helps you relax, release endorphins.

Sex isn’t just for pleasure it helps, mentally, physically, and emotionally with daily life. It is a known fact that your sex hormones relieves your estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone; nerve hormones relieves your serotonin, mixed ratio, and melatonin; while behavior stress/actions, sexual arousal (estrus) and growth, development, and relaxation.

If with the right person, it bring joy, happiness, a sense of togetherness, love, and peace of mind. With the wrong person you feel cheated, unsatisfied, relieved but disappointed, hatred, anger, and hurt. You crave more and with other people. You don’t care with who at this point because you are already upset and disorganized that having sex with anyone will be just a want and not a need. You just need to feel a sense of comfort and if you don’t find it soon you want to hurt someone else so they can feel your pain. You can’t and don’t understand why this happening until you find the right person to have sex with. Then your sense of insecurities kicks in because of all the wrong you have done to others. You tend to think that they are always cheating because you aren’t sure how to accept this new feel all you know is that you don’t want to let it go. It is the right feeling and instead of expressing yourself mentally and emotionally, you start physically and verbally (abusive). You figure if you diminish your partners spirits also while comforting them then you are keeping them from cheating but in reality you are forcing into doubt of their connection to you.

Sex is very powerful and can cause extreme damage to the body, mind and soul of another. Be very careful who you play sex games with because it could be your last, or your captivity. Meaning you imprison yourself to the wrong person. Take in account that you do like sex and know how to please another but they may not ever experienced what you have to offer, which could lead to good things for both or bad things just for you.

Remember though releasing is a great thing just choose wisely with who.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


Published by missk22

I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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