Manic Monday! Alcoholism

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Alcohol Addiction is when a person goes through withdrawal physically from not drinking. Alcoholism is a mental, physical, and spiritual dependency with negative repercussions that affect marriage, families, children, jobs, careers, relationships and sexual performance. It can also trigger violence behavior that cause harm to yourself as well as others. There episodes can land you in prison, jail, hospitals or even in an early grave.

We all know of someone who is suffering from this terrible affliction. We ourselves may have a problem but cannot recognize it because it is you looking out and not in. Asking for help is no reason to be ashamed, everyone needs help every once in a while. It is when you don’t ask or aren’t willing to seek help that your self-esteem plays the roll of embarrassment. You start to believe that you got it under control but if you look into the eyes of those around you, the truth will alarm you. Unless you are in denial and your self-hatred will not allow you to see what is really there.

Alcohol is a socially approved poison that people are taught to want and drink. it can lead to a holistic craving. This poison causes the liver to become inflamed which is hepatitis. Then if untreated cause it to get hard which mean not it is cirrhosis. Once it is in that state it is moving to being dead within your body. Drinking not only kills your liver, but it damages all cells, tissue, nerves, organs and bones, while destroying your brain cells as well.Social” drinking causes the liver to lose the ability to produce digestive enzymes, metabolize oil soluble Vitamin A, D, E and K, neutralize toxins, store energy (glycogen) and absorb fats and proteins. The FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved this recreational drug, in the form of beer, wine, and whiskey, which is all anti-health and anti-life.

Procreation is not recommended for anyone who drinks, it affects the sperm as well as the egg leading to birth defects. I will not encourage someone to drink and neither should you. When you do their death is on your hands.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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