Timeless Tuesday! Relationships

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Consideration for what your partner have to say is a great way to communicate within a functional relationship. When conversing with your partner you must consider getting responses, as well as being asked questions.

Think before you say something that will cause an argument.

  1. How does what you say benefit you?
  2. How does what you say benefit your partner?
  3. How do your words/behavior benefit the Higher Power?
  4. Did you say it to hurt your partner?
  5. What did you think you were saying?
  6. Did you say it because you want to argue, you were angry with yourself, your partner, your relationship, or because you do not have enough intelligence to say it another way?
  7. What was your attitude, facial expression, tone of voice, and body language like when you said it?
  8. How did you fell while you were say it?
  9. In an argument do you pause between short sentences? Do you raise you voice, cry, get nervous, get tense, point your finger, constantly interrupt, feel hurt or upset?
  10. Do you argue as a way to punish or manipulate or to gain advantage?
  11. Do you argue to get attention?

If these are your techniques and they haven’t gotten you anywhere then it is time for a different approach. Try conversing as you will want someone to talk to you. Try speaking from the heart and not from a hurtful place. Try using words that make sense and not sounds of fear. Speak clearly and have your words together in order and ask question with the opportunity for your partner to answer. Allow a break in the conversation for the other to answer. If you aren’t looking for the truth then don’t have this conversation. If all you want to do is yell, scream, be upset and cry then by all means have this conversation with the chances of going through it again and again.

Be ready for lies if there is no real communication going on and you already have it in your mind that this isn’t what you want to hear, from this relationship or want this to go any further. If your plan is to end it then there is no need for this conversation just say it is over and don’t go in looking for answers. For a matter of fact, don’t get a dialogue going with questions to be answered in the first place, say what is needed and move on.

Not all relationships are survivors, some of meant to fail so that you can get to the one that you and your partner will survive together. So let this one go and know better for the next one. Please do not bring old relationships to new one because you set them up to fail.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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