Saturday Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Children are a gift and a blessing, but can feel like a curse. A Gift, because we are fortunate to be able to have what some people cannot produce. Remember there is always someone willing to take what you don’t want. Let’s think about that though. If you didn’t want the gift then you shouldn’t have unwrapped the package. I hear this a lot, “well me and my last boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t get pregnant and we have sex raw all the time.” Well here the thing about that may your chemistry wasn’t as strong as this one. Maybe her eggs didn’t reproduce or maybe his sperm count wasn’t high. Either way what happened in the last unprotected encounter doesn’t mean it will happen in every unprotected encounter. Either way it was a risk you were willing to take and now you have the opportunity to show that you are responsible for your actions. But unlike most, you wont and either abort the baby or give it up for adoption. Then again you might just have the child and push it off on someone else to raise while you still be irresponsible and have more by someone else who doesn’t want children, it works both ways for a man or a woman. Doesn’t really matter who is considered the irresponsible one, all i know is it took two make it and is should take that same two to raise it. I do know that sometimes we all need a little help so we hope for the #Village to rally around us for that support.

My, my my, isn’t having a village such a blessing. Without those children the village and family would not have reached out their hand to you to assist you with anything. It is amazing how many people will help out when children are involved. Then you do the unamaziable and leave those children with the family to raise by themselves. Sorry that isn’t how it works but being as though people hearts ❤ are bigger than your selfishness they keep it moving and do what needs to be done. They continue to be the support the children need and try their best to do your job. Then when things look just right you swoop in and try to be the parent the children doesn’t even know. You come in to make things even more difficult than what it already is. Why be that person with the negative vibes that isn’t needed nor warranted? You believe that you can do it now and well that is great. So then you come in and try but realize you can’t deal and leave again. I can’t stand these times of people. They will wreck a home and it’s harmony. Life is already hard enough for the child without you in their life and then you are going to show them a little love here and a little there. Make them happy for a while and then sad again. Children know when they are wanted and when they aren’t. They know when they are loved and when they aren’t. They will be loyal to a person for all the wrong reasons and have hate towards the wrong people. They will love the one who isn’t always there and like the one who is there breaking their necks. Until reality hits and then they will hate both. It take a tragedy to happen before they realize that the hate they have isn’t towards the one who care for them but towards they one in and out of their life. Children are fragile until we make them tough. They are vulnerable until we make them resilient. They are innocent until we make them hateful. Why destroy a blessing and then pray for more? You can’t appreciate the one given then you won’t appreciate any others that you are requesting.

Why a curse you ask? I don’t know but I have been told by so many, “I wish I didn’t!” “I wish I would have wrapped it up!” I wish I could have flushed it!” “I wish I could have swallowed it!” “I wish I would have never meet him/her!” At this point I’m thinking to myself that maybe the hate is towards the other parent, but then I look at the person and say it is for themself. They wasn’t thinking at the time and thought that they could have it all. They wanted something out of life and what they got wasn’t what they had bargained for, and now they can’t handle it. So they cry their past mistakes as present pain. They feel as though their life is cursed and the Savor isn’t being fair to them. They ask the question, where did I go wrong in life for this to be happening to me. Instead of learning how to make this work within their life. They haven’t a clue that this is a blessing and how to be thankful for it. So when they cry and pray for another blessings or a new blessing, the Savor cannot give it to them because they haven’t learn to appreciate the first one.

Before you cry out for love, and say things like I want children, who they are a great responsibility and if you are that person don’t pray for it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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