The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 8.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

It’s time for you to start shitting for yourself.  If you can eat it then you should shit it.  If you can’t eat then it wasn’t for you.  If you can’t afford it then it’s not for you.  If you must steal to get it, it’s not for you.  If you must kill for it, then it definitely isn’t for you. 

 At this point your mind and body is telling you it’s not for you.  When death is knocking at your door and the good Higher Power says it’s not your time then guess what it’s time to walk away because it’s not for you.  So now we come to the negative rules of life. 

You live by the drug; you die by the drug!

You live by the sword; you die by the sword!

You live by the gun; you die by the gun!

You live by the sex; you die by the sex!

What they haven’t told you is that there are positive rules to life as well.

You live by the Higher Power, you live happy!

You live in an honor code; people will respect you for you!

You love in truth unconditionally, you will receive love unconditionally, trust.

Your wealth is that in which you give but your blessing is that in which you receive.

It’s right there in plain sight so if you survive any of the rules then the Higher Power have different plans for you.  Maybe and this just could be me, but just maybe you should no longer live by the rules of death but live by the rules of life.

You know non-believers think they are just bigger and better than the miracle, so they go at it again.  Honestly, how can you be bigger and better when the name you called was that of the Higher Powers and he answered?  Now it’s you turn to repay the miracle by blessing someone else’s life and saying enough is enough. 

Now let’s go back to these parents!

M – Monarch of the family, she rules with love.

O – Optimistic about the future for her flock.

M – Mysterious to those who choose not to know her.

S – Settling in her own way to produce results.

D – Dominating but unsure who to dominate.

A – Able to overcome most things by oneself.

D – Dense to the truth of being a man.

S – Submissive by default.

B – Born innocent and taught ignorance.

A – Abe to understand even when no one think you can.

B – Bubbled with joy until introduced to hurt.

I – Intelligent beyond what they believe and see.

E – Evolved mentally and emotionally.

S – Sensitive and trustworthy.

C – Charming infectiously without trying.

H – Hilarious and humored by everything.

I – Interceptive to all that around you.

L – Learn everything by observation.

D – Dream big before entering the world.

R – Regret nothing for you know nothing about anything.

E – Endure what’s in your life because your yet to know how to reject it.

N – Negotiator already.

P – Patriarch of his home but will abandon it.

A – Anxious and withered with worry.

R – Referee all interactions with others.

E – Enforcers of life until you get one of your own.

N – Notice all things evil even their own but won’t say so.

T – Teachers of all things good and bad.

S – Strangers to it all but learns until it feels right.

If we can sit around and talk about one another than surly we can help one another.  My problem is with these young mother’s/father’s today and some of your old ones thinking you got this, when in fact you don’t have it at all.  You all don’t want anyone disciplining your child/ren but don’t mind if someone else help take care of them.  Realistically, you aren’t making sense.  The way the “government” see it is if they are our providers in any form then they are your disciplinarians.

No lie I feel the same way.  If a man/woman is helping you to take care of your child/ren, that aren’t theirs, then they are allowed to discipline them.  No, I didn’t say abuse them, I said discipline.  If auntie, uncle, grandma, grandpa, cousin, niece, nephew, or whoever else you turn to in your time of need helps you then they should be at least able to say something authoritative to your child/ren when he/she/they are out of control or in the wrong.  Let’s be realistic here the government don’t even have to be taking care of your child/ren they will say, and do as they please anyway; so before they have to step in why not allow someone else to take a crack at the disciplinary process before they do. I have seen some of your children in the streets and I myself would have like to have slapped the shit out of some of them and that’s no lie.  In truth our children are out of control and we know it and some of us think that shit is funny and amazing until you can no longer yourself handle the madness then you want others to step in and take responsibility for your lack of parenting or lack of disciplinary actions. 

Learn to control your household from the beginning and no one will have to step in and be the “warden” over your household.  Stop being afraid of the little monsters you raise that are now able to be placed in jail or prison and you say they had a hard life.  Weren’t you the one that raised them or didn’t raise them, so why didn’t you ask for help when you thought it was a hard life. Instead of waiting until it was too damn late and now he is facing life, execution depending on the state in which you all live. Or worst, you are burning him, as a result of this so called hard life. 

Understand me when I say, your child/ren isn’t allowed to be disrespectful to me even if I’m not taking care of them. 
If you have children that are disrespectful to you, then accept the fact that they are disrespectful to others.  No child should ever be disrespectful to an adult, and no adult should ever be disrespectful to anyone else child/ren.  I will never be disrespectful to anyone’s child/ren unless he/she/they are disrespectful to me.  Please believe Child Protective Service will be needed, because I explained that I am the village and will whip your child/ren ass if necessary.  Please do not bring your child/ren around me if they have no respect for you because they will clearly have none for me. 

I promise you after they meet me, they will have the utmost respect for all adults.  I do not play with my 27, 25, nor 15 years old’s disrespecting me or other adults, so your child/ren will not disrespect me either.  Change people; has to begin somewhere and home is a great place to start.  Stop banking for Mother/Father of the year when you can’t even make Mother/Father of the hour.    If you know your child/ren are out of control then look at your life and find out where you went wrong.  They are a direct reflection of you.  Once again that mirror will not lie to you unless your brain is broken, in which case there is a serious underlined problem.  In which case, the village is seriously needed.  If you can turn up for everything that is negative then you should be able to turn up for your child/ren when you know they are in need of some serious help.  Some of you need to scream and shout for help because you child/ren is home whipping your ass instead of the other way around.  I think you may need Adult Protective Service.  Oh yeah, they have that it’s called the “police.”

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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