Saturday, Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High. Second, experienced technical difficulty over the weekend so I am doing Saturday, Sunday and Monday posts today. Enjoy!

Leave People Alone! We all want to help but if they aren’t willing to accepted your assistance then we have to leave them alone. Be the villager that observe and ready to assist when needed but you have to allow people to go through something in order to know they need help. You can’t save them if they don’t want to be saved , or know that they are in need of saving. They have to want you to Captain Save them when they cry out.

What i have noticed is that allow of people suffer in silence and want to remain in silence. They aren’t seeking assistance for their misery because they have so much distrust in the world, for whatever reason. They want their misery to be left alone and for everyone around them to just leave them the hell alone. I get it! There is moments in our lives where we need to be left alone in order to know that we need not to be alone. We have to learn to want no need the help to be able to receive the help. This I can understand.

Its like this, a person who want to commit suicide will try and fail or try and succeed. They will either accept it when you intervene or they will be very upset that you saved them. Some people will cry out loud for help and those who do it in silence doesn’t really want your help. They prefer their silence and want it to stay that way. The world sometimes gets to loud for people and they need silence to hear themselves. They need silence to coop with the demons that keep knocking at their door. They need the Higher Power to hear their cry long before you can hear it and intervene. Some people wants death and prefer it over living because the world around them have gotten to be too big and to unfamiliar; to scary and to hard to handle. They aren’t able to continue on in this life so they just sit and wait for their time to end. We cannot make it less terrifying even though we try, but to them it is still just too much to bare.

I know that we shouldn’t just sit by and watch a love one or a friend deteriorate but we also can’t make them want life if all they seek is death. We can’t make them want light if all they seek is darkness. We can’t make them want to love it all the have is hate. We can’t make them want anything if all they want to be is left alone. it is them who have to want to and say so before we can intervene. I know it is horrible and terrifying to watch, but forcing them will only make them go into a deeper despair and the what, we may have lost them forever to the horror of nothingness.

Ask them if they need you; wait for them to need you and then be needed. Don’t find something that will keep you from them when they finally come around to knowing they need you. Don’t get lost in the crowd that they can’t see you and realize that they are now truly alone. Be their shadow, because unless you are dead that is always around, even when you don’t see it. I am not telling you not to have a life, I am telling don’t waste it trying so hard to fix a person who isn’t ready to be fixed, but to be there when the time is needed.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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