The Family Bond! Chapter 3…Segment 1.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Chapter 3.  The Strength of the Black Woman to Carry on in His Absence

While we know women are nurturers by nature some missed that gene.  Mother’s on the other hand stand up to a different level, especially if they are single parents.  Yes, I know that there are a lot of mothers that pass their young off to more mature women but still mothers nonetheless.  Yes, we know there are plenty of women/mothers that need the village to aid them but are scared to ask for help.  They live in fear that they will be damn or criticize by those who are there to help not judge. 

G – Growing up is hard especially if they aren’t ready.

I – Information need to help develop their growth, mature their bodies, and educate their minds.

R – Rally with single mothers as a support system

L – Love thy sister from another mother as you love thy sister from the same mother, do not demeanor her.

S – Support the changes they/we all go through as women.

We must be ready for the next step in life not only for ourselves but for the gifts, the Higher Power blessed us with.  Educating them to achieve more than what we have to offer, but with morals, and values.  Embrace them with all that you have, all that they need, and more.  Give them of yourself as you wanted someone to give of themselves to you.  Understand I do mean mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, solely, and most of all do it all with love and warmth. 

I know you didn’t bring this child in this world by yourself but if you allow the village to help then you won’t raise them alone.  When a mother was taken from a child during slavery days do you think the other mothers turned their backs on that child?  No, they embraced that child as their own and taught their children that we all are as one; everyone is a part of this family.  We must stand together in order to stand against the oppressed “society.”   How do we discontinue the conditions of the households now?  Families are torn away from one another, mothers burying their sons and daughters, because of the lack family values.  The disrespect for life is unbearable.

G – Generally, a disregard for all life.

E – Enemies of our own race, culture, and heritage.

N – Navigating people destinies by difficult decisions for the family

O – Overriding Gods plans, the audacity

C – Consider karma because someone is gunning for you as well

I – Improve quality of life not by murdering though

D – Depriving mothers of their children and people of a future.

E – Enclosed in their own hell.

Do a man knows when he leaves his home vulnerable the next man will show his real intentions, whether they are good or otherwise.  A real woman will do what she must do to support her family.  You know the one you left behind to fend for herself, so don’t be mad or call her names when her only line of defense has abandoned her.

W – Won’t take no or nothing from her child/ren

O – Own up to her responsibilities

M – Multi-task while keeping her sanity

E – Evolves with times to keep up with her child/ren but not changing her status as a mother

N – Never negotiate nor debate about rules set in her home.

What has it come to when women in their middle ages are trying to keep up with the young mothers; its tiring.  They have abandoned their maturity to impress or convince themselves they aren’t getting old.  Instead of denying it, we as elderly women need to embrace it as well as spread the wisdom, we have gain in this life time.  Experienced women should be more than grateful to having knowledge and advantages, they should share it with others.  Getting old isn’t embarrassing it is encouraging, because at the rate our young men and women are going, they will never experience getting old nor accumulating wisdom.

For all these women who had or is enduring the company of someone else’s man, remember your still single.  No matter how much time he spends with you, he is still with her.  Also remember that if he does decide to give her up for you, how he found you and his patterns will lead him to the next woman the same way.  Stop being a side piece, it isn’t special, it is embarrassing.   I know he treat you different, but its only because you don’t demand much.  Your wants are well within his range, but as soon as you want more, he’ll leave, because now it feels to him like a relationship.

He’s already in a relationship which he’s not faithful in so what make you think he wants another one so he can cheat on two women at once, he already uncommitted to the first don’t need any more of that.  That’s like paying for two homes and not living in either one.  Now I said they were broken not stupid!  They are scared to be real men and as soon as it feels unfamiliar to them, they want a way out.  This leave a strong woman to pick up the slack for a absent man again.  Instead of trying to process the situation they rather just run from it.  Calling you all kinds of names, disrespecting your whole being like you are no longer a human.  I know the pickings are slim but we all can’t have a good man, some of us need a broken man so we can rebuild him just for us.

We as women, then crawl into a shell like we didn’t play a part in our own hurt, well come on we did!  We set ourselves up from the beginning.  We allow ourselves to believe we are better than what he has at home or why else would he be with us.  The truth is because he’s a coward and we just became his shield, shelter, a safe-haven for his ego and manhood.  Well not really his manhood, because if he was really a man then he wouldn’t be out trolling for someone to improve it.  But, ladies he’s not the only problem, we need to take blame as well.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove


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