The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 5.

Goddess Morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

R – Restore the faith of the Higher Power, love and family in their psyche

E – Ensure stability and confidences in the Black male

B – Be held accountable for life of all Black people

I – Insinuate life over death because Black Lives Does Matter

R – Retrain all Black men thought process

T – Teach morals and values to all

H – Honor your Royal Heritage, take your place as the Kings you are.

Our Black men to be the head of their house holds not the footstool to “society”

Then you have those men that has everything and came from a good family loving home.  They aren’t satisfied with what the good Higher Power blessed then with so they decided to be cheats and steal their way into another family.  I like to call these men predators, vultures if you will.  They destroy two homes at once, their own and that of the single mother’s.  They are just like “society” come in with their lies and money in hand.  Prey on the hearts of the lonely, the mind of the abandoned, the spirits of the less fortunate, all the while playing roles that leads to hate, but spreading uncertainty in young men and women’s hearts.

They play the male role but only when it deems necessary.  Part time fucks, therefore young men think it’s okay to fuck up on young women and move on, leaving behind hurt, anger, children, disease, and waste to all the women lives he touches.  Making life more difficult when the mother is fed up and doesn’t want anything else to do with him.

Now I’m not saying all Black men are good we know the devil himself exists in some of our men, but we cannot persecute them all for a few bad seeds.  Yes, I know that most of us would like to say the apple didn’t get off the tree, so forget about falling.  We can’t because some our men aren’t anything like their fathers before them are some are like their grandfathers before them.  We would love to think that all things be rationalized, but some time we just choose to close our eyes to the ignorance and horror to blame it on DNA.  The realness to it all is that some of you are just really trifling and we justify your behavior to protect our actions or a lack thereof.  

We know what we should do but don’t do anything about it because we are family or because we allow it to get to far.  Let’s talk about these rapes in the families.  It is so much hidden secrets to protect other feelings, hearts, and lives, but we know that’s wrong.  We shouldn’t protect evil, that’s just wrong and we know it.  No, it’s not always adults that causes the pain, hurt, or commit the rapes.  Some children are the problem, and commit some of the most violent acts of all.  I have seen it!  I have seen young children do acts of terror and I have decided that he/she needs more than an ass whipping.  They need more than God that they deserve death.  I know is sounds a little harsh but when you allow them to grow up and do nothing or give them a mild reprimand, they become grown and powerful predators and a lot more people are targets in their line of sight.  No and I’m not talking about a quick death, I’m talking one that is long, drawn out and painful beyond any one’s pain level.

I know I said that children are born innocent and taught evil but as I think about it some of them are born of evil and needs to be destroyed at birth.  It is all the DNA and the parent actions before, during, and after conception.  If you are evil and conceive a child that child will have that profound evil laying within him/her.  So be very cautious of whom you conceive with because your child may be more then you can handle and you may be the victim needed to fuel the fire.  You very well maybe the push he/she need to want to kill and shall killed.

Choose your seductive words to what partner and remember your temper, his/her temper along with both sets of parents, grandparents tempers will be instilled in your seed.  How you raising him/her will be the key, because even with all the love and understanding may not be enough to defuse the time bomb waiting to explode or implode.  Your choice, your mess, your problem, so if you have already decided that there will be no village in aiding you to raise him/her, then the outcome is all based and falls on your shoulders.  Don’t call on the village in your desperate time of need.  Your bed, lay in it.

Be very careful the choice of words you use when raising the seed of lucifer.  Don’t be cruel, be gentle but let him/her know you are not to be played with and you can be just as evil, nasty, and cruel as he/she.  Not to say go in provoking the situation but remember you are the parent not him/her.  To live in fear means you are the target of your impiety, that you created.  So sometimes it might be best to remove the male from the home.  I have seen evil of all kind, but a black man, child or otherwise, who take the innocents of a child, woman or otherwise is pure malice.  Name calling isn’t going to be damaging to this person.  You are wasting your time, and your breath.  With this type of sin considering, our ancestors had this malevolent thrust upon them as they were release into our homes to do unto other’s this evil that was done unto them.

I see how the evil became a part of our nature.  It was never corrected nor was it spoken into existence.  They simply tucked it away, allowing all that evil to manifest into rage, hate and destruction.  When it was release it was release unto the wrong people.  It didn’t make matters better it made matters worse.  No one was ever punished for the raping of slave man or woman.  The question is how do we keep the madness from spreading and continuing to destroy our black men which entails keeps them out of the home?

 Something needs to be done but without criticism and persecution.  That will only add fuel to the fire and cause more damage.  Our goal is to help our men and bring them back into the home healthy, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  This is the mission to restore the family bond!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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