The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 4.

Goddess Morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

T – Tortured beyond what is humane

O – Observed by your family for them to know their place.

R – Ridiculed for all to see and fear “society”

N – Neutered to ensure less population for all who witness your public punishment.

Enough you say and think, yes so, they were “freed” so we thought.  Seen as though they were emancipated.  See there are a lot of proclamations on the United States like the one from King George III in 1763 that follows Great Britain’s acquisition of French territory in North America after the end of the French and Indian War/Seven Years War, which forbid all settlement past a line brown along the Appalachian Mountains.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln emancipated the south enslaved black but only during the Civil War.  The 13th Amendment was supposed to free the slaves but I don’t think society was listening.  It was revised in 1992 because some just didn’t get in “The Black Codes” were passed by Southern States in 1865 and 1866 after the Civil War and the emancipation and 13th Amendment was passed.  Intent and the effect of restricting South African Americans (black) freedom and of compelling them to work in a labor economy based on low wages or debt.  Black Codes were part of a large pattern of southern trying to suppress the new freedom of emancipated South African Americans slaves, the

F – Formation of “society” to continue to diminish Black

R – Revoke their rights, but harass them more

E – Evoke their prior state to force anger

E – Empowered by other Black to hold your head up high

D – Develop a numbness to all the “society’s” bull shit

M – Maintain your freedom mentally and physically

E – Emancipate them never trap them in their own state of mind

N – Never submit to “society’s” demand to reincarcerated you physically

Freedom is a state of mind for the body to follow.  If your mind is enslaved or enclosed then your body, and actions will be as well.  You have to learn to free yourself from what “society” have locked your mind into.  When you are arrested you decide to learn how to not be a prisoner to the system, but by then it is too late.  You have already given your life to the system or “society” when you allowed yourself to be locked up by messing up.  The thought process has to be involved from the beginning.  You have to be able to be more than a statistic in today’s “society” system.  You have to think differently as the modern-day male but be braver than our ancestors but smarter as well. 

Now we have the modern-day male, husband, boyfriend, baby father, and lover, who we damn because of their ancestors or because they grew up in a home where no male was present.  They believe they have turned out just fine because their mother did a very fine job by herself.  Not true, she did her part but they were a huge part of life missing from the family development.  No male which plays his role and help boys and young men develop into a family man.  This is how the struggle to deal with being a family man comes into a negative role.  Some adapt quickly because they have a woman who understand and takes her time with them but there’s others who really can’t grasp the concept.  They want so much to but the idea and the action itself eludes them. 

Also no one taught these males a lesson in hard work, how to support his family. How to protect his family, how to care for his family nor himself? How to cook, clean, dress, plan, pay bills, groom, or love oneself? Mothers have shown them from her prospective all these things but as a woman she shown them what women do and not what men do. Sure, mothers are doing the best and boys are learning but they also learn how not to be in the home. They learn that mothers can do it without fathers, which mean their child/ren will be alright without them. So, ladies I commend you for doing everything you do but they learned the absence of a man and will become the absent male. They learn to take care of the child/ren from a distance but never look at the problems, wear and tear it has on the female’s psyche.

Males today just go with the flow and hide their feelings, and true selves, scared of what others and society thinks of them, because the male psyche is just as fragile as the female psyche.  They aren’t sure how to express themselves without thinking it’s gay or feminine.  They bottle up those emotions that eventually become more than they can handle.  They get confused by them and uses them for evil or lashing out at others.  Some bottled them up so much they allow them to change them completely.  They become closet homosexuals and even then, still wants to allow others to dictate their actions.  To fit in they call out names of the very same men they wish to sleep with secretly.  How confusing is that?

Don’t get me wrong many have found their own way.  Many were fortunate to have a male in their life to guide them and to show them the whole way of life.  They taught them how to be a man and how to provide, care, love and support for their family.  To those men I give you praise.  I thank you for your heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.  I congratulate you and your parents especially, the fathers for your contribution in the man they raised.  Now we need to help the ones who are broken because they didn’t have what you all have or had.  May the good Higher Power continue to bless you and your seeds and future seeds.

All our black men are in trouble because of our ancestor’s treatment and life style suffered at the hands of their captives.  We now must be the village to help raise our black men.  The true mission is to keep the black in the home and out of jail or prison.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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