Wednesday – Getting Through Pain And Suffering

Goddess evening Royals 👑. First give praise and worship to the all High.

We all have experienced pain! We all have suffered from that same pain, whether it was a loss, injury or just hurt.

Loss is a pain no one should ever have to face alone. Losing anyone makes life hard but losing someone without having comfort from someone who cares, or can empathize is unbearable. Everyone deserves a friend to share in their life when they aren’t at their best or when they just loss someone. The worst part is when that person is the one whom you just loss.

  • Take slow deep breaths and calm down.
  • Close your eyes to see clear blue skies; even if it’s raining, and to hear calming soothing sounds.
  • Picture yourself in a state of peace and then believe yourself to be in the place of peacefulness.
  • Once you have found yourself in a peaceful state, remember the one you loss with you in this peaceful place.
  • Now you can talk peacefully to this person and say all you need to say.
  • Now hold onto that state, place, and process for the next time you feel alone so you can revisit it and bring yourself back to that state and then to reality. Saying goodbye is hard but remembering you only said bye to a temple; the memories, happiness, and spirit lives on within you.

Injuries can cause pain and suffer on another level. Most people never recover from injuries mentally and for some both mentally and physically. It’s a transition like no other even with someone to confined in. They can sympathize with you; some can even empathize with you, but none know exactly your pain. Emotionally, it can take a toll on who you are and who you were. It can make you feel useless and dependable. Taking away your freedom and dignity, but it shouldn’t.

  • Stop take several deep breaths and exhale slowly each time.
  • Think about it, did it make you incompetent? No just a little less faster, stronger, and independent.
  • Are you still able to do the things you could do before but need more time or maybe a little help? Okay well take more time to do them and get that little help. Who are you racing against anyway? No one but yourself!
  • It’s just a way your body is telling you to take it easy. Telling you to take more time for yourself and slow down.
  • If you need a little help, no worries, we all do sometimes. Get that help and use your manners while asking for it, receiving it and when it said and done; so if you are in need again no one will hesitate to give it to you. *Side Note: they might even offer without you knowing they know you need it.
  • Give up on all that pride so your dignity can stay in tact as well as your soul. Remember getting through pain and suffering not adding to it.

Hurt comes in many forms but the most common one is when love is involved. We as human beings only see hurt one way and that’s with revenge in our eyes while the pain is ripping and tearing at our hearts. If revenge is your only weapon then you didn’t love at all, you just had lust for someone. Reason it hurts so much is because you feel like they played you, and cheated sexually.

  • Stop take a several deep breaths and exhale slowly.
  • Now think realistically, are you more upset that it happened to you first, or because you already knew it was coming?
  • If the signs were there and you chose to ignore them, then who played whom? You played yourself by trying to stay where no one was waiting for you.
    • Signs are begging for time and attention.
    • Using sex as quality time.
    • Calling or texting first all the time.
    • Showing more concern then what you are receiving
    • Lying to yourself that you are the best thing to happen to them and it can work.
  • This is when you know it had ended and you’re holding on to what use to be and not what is.
  • Let it go and move on.
  • Don’t dwell on what can change because it already has but not with you; instead to you.
  • Gather yourself and find someone to take to who will not judge you but will not hinder you either.
    • They will not try to convince you to get back in a mess of confusion.
    • They will not tell you that you all need to sit and talk about it because it is done.
    • They will not hook you up on a rebound but will be supportive in your time of need.
  • Take this time to get to know you and to love you so when you are ready you’ll know what you want, need, and tolerate in your life with a mate.

Congratulations you are getting through some tough times and you aren’t doing it alone because there are all kinds of support for your situation. All you have to do is reach out, but carefully. There are people out here that will take advantage of you in a vulnerable state.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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