Manic Monday! Violence Is Everywhere!

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Something needs to be done! Something must be done! Our men and women; boys and girls; Mothers and Fathers; Aunts and Uncles are dying at a rapid rate. They are being killed by the hands 😡 of our own kind. We are so hungry for what the next man has or is struggling for, that we can’t see the pain or the absence we are about to cause before we pull the trigger. We can’t see the families that will suffer. We can’t see the emptiness we are about to endure on someone else before our actions are already in play. Then the void happens and we could careless because we are now numb to the results. It then drives us to want more and because we are numbed to the aftermath we can’t see it come to us.

When it is your turn, your family all “why,” but they have no idea of your wrong doing or do they? Did they care when it was you or here doing what you had to do to get what they needed? Did they know of all the pain and suffering you caused? Were they aware of the voids you left in families? Were they immune to your emptiness you had within you? Now they want justice and why shouldn’t they if they had no clue, but I’d they did then their cries are just as hollow as the families you left to mourn for their loved ones.

Why so much violence? Why so much poverty? Why do much anger for your own kind? Why so much hate and no love for your brothers and sisters 💔😢😭? Because we bleed like you. We’re suffering as you are! We’re hurting and starving the same! We’re crying for help like you! We’re struggling through poverty! We’re clawing our way out just like you and had you allowed us to make, just maybe we all could have made it, but you stole our way out and now we have to begin again!

In the city of Baltimore, the violence is overwhelming. It looks difficult to see an end when you read things like this: Try better Citizens to be better than what they already call you “savages”.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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