The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Educating our children isn’t a hard task but first we ourselves need to educate and empower the next adult on what we now or have learned.  Since people of color was the first people on the planet then it is safe to inform you that “society” is of us and not we are of them.  This isn’t the reason for this book and this chapter.  We must have as parent already figured this much out for ourselves.  History itself isn’t all wrong just fabricated to fit “society’s” actions and to make themselves look superior.

This much we know without them tell us so.  We have eyes and ears so we can pretty much hear and see them to think and says this for ourselves.  What we do need to educate our children on is not to allow this to side track them.  “Society” feeds off this type of negative energy every day.  They actually make money off people of colors bad habits, negativity, and frustration.  How?  Because they have it set in their mind and wallets that we will do something stupid that is against the law instead of making a positive out of our situations no matter what they are or how bad they are.

We need to learn not be selfish; wield the knowledge and wisdom thrust upon us.  Rebuilding the community will not be easy, but if we educate our children and teach traditions then they too can carry on in our absence.  We are the indigenous people of this Planet and the only ones who haven’t found ourselves to know we are the rulers of Earth.

The education you supply your children with today could save their lives in the future. What they learn today will be what they teach their children tomorrow so the legacy will live on but will it be a good legacy or bad one it’s up to you. Redeem our heritage for a promising future. If we are to have anything then we need to start somewhere and right now. We have roamed this Planet since the beginning of Mankind, and still haven’t become distinct yet. Why you think that is? You can’t kill what is made to be, we will repopulate just like the earth heals itself we repopulate to keep the Planet from dying.

I could lie to you all and say we as people have come along way but like I said I could lie. Only thing we have done is murder one another, destroy what our ancestors fought for and accomplished. I can honestly say as a whole we have nothing, but even less as individuals. Yes, we have homes on land we don’t own, cars and money, but so do “society.” When you eat, do everyone else eat or do you eat alone. You might feed them but do they really eat.

Eating and being fed is two different things.  Eating meaning, I can feed myself and those around me, being fed means they can only eat when you are hungry or when someone decides you should eat.  Not the same thing!  Teach the children that if they don’t bring anything to the table then don’t expect to eat.

Show them that if they don’t make something of themselves then they will be exactly what “society” deem them; “nothing!”  We have to show them a new way so they can think differently, preaching but not doing, is just talking.

H – Helping one another to cross bridges.

A – Assaulting each other no more.

R – Raging against “society’s” imprisonment

R – Reaping what you sow.

I – Implying your actions as what they are

E – Embowing the black people structure of unity

T – Tracing our lives to see where we been and where we can go. 

Not all men of our past were who they were and was the hero, we gave credit for their achievements and accomplishment.  Some of the truth was hidden from us but why?  Was it to protect us or to embarrass us later when we found out?  To demolish what hero life, they had in them from our eyes or because “society” knew of their wicked ways and was paid to keep quiet.  “Society” is without a doubt cruel and very unjust to any race except for their own that fits into “society.”  I do believe it’s because they are incapable of humanity, and love.

Their only resource is money and power but only because we as black give it to them. If we turn off the faucet then they can’t drink. If we blew out the pilot, they couldn’t eat no warm themselves.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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