Confession Thursday – Pull Together Family

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First give praise and worship to the all High.

I’m seeing the effects of COVID taking lives, homes, and leading people to poverty.

Respectable experts and financial advisors told people to save their money, keep their money, laid people off, closed jobs and bankrupt small businesses, as well as do not pay bills. The people they governed listened, some had no other choices so they did what they were told. In result, families are losing their homes, people are being evicted from their houses and children are learning the meaning of homelessness and poverty at early ages. They are learning the real government versus what they learn in school is a lie.

They aren’t sure about school, life, or what is next for them and their family. They have to return to school in a chaotic state but they aren’t sure if it is worth it anymore. These are the times when families need to pull together. People aren’t sure of their future and it’s either jail, begging, or poverty; this is slavery all over again. The number of homeless rate will rise above the average per country. This isn’t just happening in the US but all over the world.

With people being put out and no being able to clean, sanitize, or stay healthy the number of deaths for COVID is sure to rise but do you think anyone will care. No, because that is the goal, mission to get rid of enough baggage to provide for those who survives. Meaning there isn’t enough resources to accommodate the number of people that populate the planet. So they will allow millions to die before they do anything about it.

The crazy part is if you think the same people who created this mess will help you clean it up or fix it, think again. We as family will have to pull it together and help one another. This is the true definition “we are all we have.”

What will you do to keep your family from falling waste side or to their demise.

Sending you all love, prayers, and kisses. #GoddessLove


Published by missk22

I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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