Timeless Tuesday! Appreciating What You Have

Goddess evening Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Listen not all lost is bad as well as not all gain is good. People believe that if they lost something or someone that they are losing which isn’t true, but thing that if they have gain something that they are winning. I can tell you that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it is the opposite of what it is. Let’s see if I can help make a lost timeless as well as a gain the opposite.

Do you feel like a winner when you have lost your money to someone or an casino knowing that it was greatly needed? No you feel like an ass for losing and tell yourself that you aren’t going to do that again. Do you feel like a looser when you have lost a boyfriend/girlfriend that you found out was using you the whole time or that you were their side piece. No you feel like you won in a sense but lost because you wasted all that time on that person. Well, if you are no longer carrying the weigh of that person’s problems, bad habits or mess on your shoulders then I believe that is a win. Take the time that you lost on that person as a lesson that you had to learn becauses if you didn’t then you would still be in class getting played. Take that lesson of losing your money as a rehabilitation that gambling is not for you and you shouldn’t play with the money you already have. Not everyone was born to gamble and win, some was meant to gamble and lose so that they an learn the lesson of not gambling.

Honestly, you take a chance everyday with life and if they aren’t destroying you within or otherwise you have to learn to be grateful for them. You have to learn to appreciate what you have in order to get more of what you want or need. If your greed out weigh you knowledge and appreciation then you will lose every time. When learning lesson pay attention to the end results so that you will not repeat them if they are of lost and not of gain. If you gain something bad from it then maybe you shouldn’t tried to so hard to get it. It simply mean that it wasn’t meant for you from the start. Don’t worry we all have been there getting played for some of us it has been worse and for other just enough. it is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you are still doing it then you shouldn’t be ashamed because you have made getting played your way of living. You have learn to adapted to feeling like shit and worthless that you believe that it is how love is.

If while getting played you contracted a disease and you chose to still stay because it wasn’t as bad as it could have been then you will get worse. The mere fact that you accepted that as a gain mean you don’t know what a lost is. When you found out you should have questioned yourself and took the answer on you should have got the cure and then cancelled his/her ass. When you continued on you let them know it was okay to walk all over you and that you are willing to accept their bullshit. The cure was the gain the disease was the lost. Sometimes there is no cure so don’t go back just to find out if you can contract more disease your heart and body deserves more.

I know there are so many winning and losing situations in the world but you have to know what is a win for you and a lose. If you just accept life and move on as it is then you are losing because is so much out there to win then again there is so much out there to lose. When you do more for yourself and less for others you will find out how much you are winning and gaining and how much you have lost. They too will know how much the lost when they don’t have you to fall back on as well as take care of them. You need to learn what love really is and what is just lust.

Learning your worth for your and understand your worth to them is a timeless moment because find yourself and understand your purpose in your like as well as other’s life.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


Published by missk22

I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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