The Family Bond! Chapter 8…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

The black family foundation is the unity of life, gatherings, fun, and love.  We enjoy a good family get together.  You know a good barbecue, where you are going to see the whole family, it be like a family reunion.

We be laughing, hugging, dancing, playing card and eating.  Auntie is showing you how to do the latest dance or so she thinks.  Uncle is telling about back in his day.  Reminiscing on the loves ones we lost and giving thanks to the Higher Power for all the ones who made it through the storm.  We learn of the new babies in the family, new husbands and wives or significant others.  There’s singing and feasting on good news and mourning for our elderly getting weary and tired. 

Yes, we love a good get together, everyone knows we as black people love to party.  Give us good music and a nice environment and we will have a great time.  Then there’s always the one person who will always have that chip on their shoulder.  They cannot forget nor forgive anyone, or anything in their past.  Those are the ones we need to focus positive energy towards.  Those are the souls we know we are losing or have lost but there is always a way to find your way back to love, life, family and happiness.  Yes, there are cliques in the family, and yes, they do try their best to do all they can to start their mess.  Grandma don’t want no mess and Granddad ready to whip some ass if Big Momma say so. 

Everyone knows, neither one of them plays a game with anyone there.  You think you can get away with things but you don’t because they have eyes on everything.  You swear someone has snitched on you but they didn’t, it just they are just that good.  We, who pay attention learn and master this technique because we ourselves have been on the end of this watchful eyes.  We dare our child/ren to try to get away with anything.  You have those bitter ones that try their best though.  They are the same people who wants for nothing and have nothing because they are so angry with everyone, and blame everything that has gone wrong in their life except for the one person they should blame; themselves.  I’m not sure their motive for coming but they show up at every event with a nasty attitude like the whole family owes them something.  No matter who tries to cheer them up they refuse to be happy. These people need more than one person they are the ones that need family intervention and all the love they seem to be missing.  They want help but are afraid to ask because everyone sees them as the black sheep, or so they think. 

So now we are no longer working on being the black sheep and the family is trying to intervene as much as possible to make everyone’s presence enjoyable.  So, we show them love and in a different way because what they were used to getting isn’t working.  We teach them that not all people are angry all the time and not all who are smiling are happy nor are they fooling anyone.  We let them know we all have our bad days but we don’t allow them to hinder us.  We also let them know of our good days and how we try to use those to combat the bad days.  The intervention should always be about starting a new and leaving the old in the past where it belongs. 

We want to start a new day. First ,we need to have a new attitude and disposition.  See if we can do these little steps day by day, until it becomes second nature. 

Step 1.  Wake up and give the almighty praise.

Step 2.  Stretch and take in several deep breaths.

Step 3.  If there is a significant other next to you roll over and look at them then thank the Higher Power for them.

Remember we are starting a new.

Step 4.  Hygiene is the best gene wash; body, face, and hands.  Brush teeth and then rinse.  Floss teeth and then rinse.  Now you are ready to say Good Morning to that significant other.

Step 5.  Say Good Morning even if he/she is still sleep.

Step 6.  If there is child/ren and it’s time for them to rise, wake them with a good morning and a smile.  Now say I Love You.

Note* They are going to wonder what’s going on with you in the beginning and may even ask if you are okay but reassure them that everything is well.  Then tell them why you are happy.  Tell the how blessed you are that everyone is alive and healthy.  Then reassure them how blessed you are for the Higher Power blessing you with them, the precious gifts they are.

Step 7.  Breakfast because it’s going to fuel the body if it is no more than a fruit, because we are leading by example now.

Step 8.  As everyone is heading out to their perspective destination greet a neighbor or a passerby. 

Reason being is your greeting may save someone’s life.

Step 9.  Ask them how are they doing but mean it and if they say not good don’t be impolite and tell them things aren’t that bad.  If time is of the essence then let them know you will be home later and will love to finish them discussion.

Say well when I get home tonight if you want, I am available to lend a listening ear and here to converse with you.  Once again you may have, brightened or lifted someone’s spirit.  Now it’s up to them to accept it or reject the offer but at least you in harmony with your karma. 

Step 10.  Repeat the method at work but here to catch to it all.  No one business once upon your ears is anyone else’s business.  So, once they entrust you with their life don’t share it with anyone else.  We as black people have the tendency to make people life story the “tee” of the day just to have gossip to make conversation.

Step 11.  Now you have a great day and put all worries and unpleasantness on the Higher Power because that burden isn’t yours.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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