The Family Bond! Chapter 8…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

When you get home remember work doesn’t come home; also, you may have a visitor from the neighbor so be prepare to either be that listening ear or that conversationalist you offered early.  Also remember homework needs to be signed and looked over.  Meanwhile, dinner needs to be cooked or ordered, plus you need to at least learn what your child/ren did today.  You need to hear all their complaints, feel their pain, congratulate their accomplishments, on jobs well done. 

We as parents are judges, jury, police, therapist, counselors, dictators, shoulders, healers, helpers, disciplinarians but most of all the glue to hold it all together.  When you are overwhelmed you need to vent so find a good friend to vent to.  If there is a significant other, please I can’t stress this enough, let them that be your first line of defense as well as your line of communication.  If there is no significant other, this is why we are supposed to be a village because we, ourselves need support as well.  The village isn’t only for the children it is also for adults. 

If you know that you are a real sharer and divulge to much information and afraid that it might spread throughout the village be careful who you share certain information with.  If you know Ms. So-and-So is a real gossiper then don’t give her the juice, just give her the water.  Especially, if every time you turn around, she is giving you someone else’s juice.  Know who to talk to and about what.  Everything isn’t for everyone in the village and everyone in the village doesn’t get everything.  Even if Mr. So-and-So is a good man, if you know he gossip more than the women, maybe he isn’t the one for the juice but great for the water.

Our healing process have to start somewhere, why not within ourselves.  Once we forgive ourselves then we can continue the healing process by forgiving others an accepting their apologies.  Let’s not relive the hurt but embrace the joy within ourselves and if there isn’t any then we need the Higher Power, village, family and friends to help restore what has been damaged.  It is time to make happy memories to combat the ones we no longer want to dwell on or relive. 

Fathers it is time to return to the home and if you have more than one baby mother, then unite your children in your own home.  Mothers it’s time to be better than what you have been.  If you have more than one baby father then your home needs to be the place fathers are allowed for visitation or pick up.  The family bond has been broken for far too long.  This is a new day and a new way.  We can no longer allow “society” our misery because they are getting rich from it and we are remaining poor behind it

If we stop trying to win a race that no one else is running then we will be winning.  There is no competition on making babies for someone else to take care of, so chill.  There are plenty of competitions of categories to compete in but baby making isn’t one of them.  First work on taking care of the ones you have before venturing off to make more babies, that you know you’re not going to take care of, ever.

If either of you know deep in your heart that brining a child in this world is not going to keep you all together then, truly don’t do it.  The child/ren are the only ones that really suffers at the hands of selfish parents.  Then your unwanted burdens become someone’s else burden and destroy whatever plans they had for themselves. 

We are no longer in competition for a race to the poor house while “society” walks to the rich house.  Stop buying all the merchandise they have to offer and dare to support the black businesses.  I keep seeing it and it is just not right black people, and you all know it.  I see so many people right now who have come up with their own fashion line and business that is for the black community and the very people in his own backyard will not support them but will go out of their way to make it to the store to purchase what “society” has to offer at whatever cost. 

How is that bettering the community, it’s not?  It is nonsense like this that weakens the community and keep us in the strong hold of poverty.  The only way the fashion can be a hit is if we support it.  That is exactly what we did for those fashion moguls that is top of the line today.  Without our support they couldn’t have made it and wouldn’t have made it. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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