The Family Bond! Chapter 8…Segment 1

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Chapter 8.  The Reconnection of the Family

Hey black people it’s time to come together as one.  One unit, one nation, and one love.  If all Black Lives Matter then so do yours and the brother who stands across from you looking down the barrel of your gun or thrusted upon the end of your blade.  We want to reconnect on life, love, and brotherhood.  Embrace this man as your brother, uplift this woman as your sister.  Remember his struggle might be as hard as yours but he hasn’t turned to the life of crime to lessen the blow.

Besides that’s doesn’t really lessening the blow but exploding it, making matters worse for you and your family as well as for the family of the man life you are about to steal.  Black people are now rapping other black families of the black man without “society” even forcing them in to it.  What bull shit is this?  How can we as black people advance and better ourselves if all we do is hate on the next man because of what he has?  Instead of hating and hurting the next man, how about you ask for help or a hand up, man instead of turning your back on one another.  How about you offer a hand or healing heart.  Let us see how far we can get with that action. 

In order for us to eliminate crime we first must learn how to help, accept, and care for the next man.  Yes, we are our brother’s keepers!  I believe that we can empower the next generation lives by believing in the next generation and life.

B – Being more than just a black man or a figure head. 

U – Uniting the family core and build the bond.

I – Initiate a plan and follow through with it.

L – Loving from the heart and not from the wallet.

D – Driving a force of enlightenment.

I – Intercepting the negative and false hopes of young people

N – Narrowing the death of black men on this planet

G – Gathering in the name of the Higher Power as one.

A – Apart from the Rest of the World.

F – Forgive one another for life’s past mistakes.

O – Operate as a unit.

U – Underline problems then solve them.

N – Neutralize personal attitudes towards black.

D – Donate time to families of men/soldier’s loss.

A – Ascertain a relationship with the Higher Power

T – Teach skills to those without any.

I – Introduce children to new things.

O – Open black owned and black operated businesses.

N – Navigate young ones lives to a brighter future.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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