The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Since we know we can’t be in all places at the same time with our child/ren, let’s see who is there when are aren’t.  If your child/ren are stealing and they are arrested that is the law/ “government” being there for your child/ren.

If your child/ren is lost and cannot find his/her way back home or refuse to come back home (run away) then the community helps you to look for your child/ren.  Whether it is on social media, now, or through the police, amber alert, or whatever. 

If your child/ren gets in to a fight, hurt or misses school, all types of people also are involved in your child/ren’s safety, education, and safe return. 

So, with that being said without your knowledge or consent, somehow the community is still doing their part but not on the scale that they could.  This is because we as people have become untrusting in our judgement towards people.  I don’t blame you with what is going on in our communities I can’t blame you, but where and when does all the negativity, pain, blame and finger pointing stops.  When do we get back to being the village because our child/ren are the ones suffering behind the lack thereof? 

I know because I have experienced it myself as an adult and saw this:

I just saw a 11 years old girl with make up on her face and hair to her ass.  Now I know that when I was young if it wasn’t mine then I shouldn’t be there nor should I look like a prostitute.  The village would have dragged my ass to my parents and I would have received an ass whipping I couldn’t believe.  Not to mention I would have definitely got my ass whipped on my way home to my parents.  When I asked her how old she was she rolled her eyes and said, “Why you wanna know?”  First Ms. Grown ass, who English is broken, it is who wants to know and secondly, because I asked.  She said, “11, why what’s it to ya?”  At this point I want to shake the shit out of this little girl.  I said because you look like a clown and I wanted to know what circus you were performing from and where can I catch your next act.  She said, “Ha! Ha! you not funny!”  Little girl, where are your parents and where do you live? She said, “I don’t talk to strangers and I don’t tell them where I live!”  First, I give her credit for lying in my face because I just saw her trying to get with a 19 years old boy.  Secondly, you need to take your fast ass home.  The boy just laughed at her and told her to take her young ass somewhere.  I commend him for turning her away but not for not trying to explain to her that one of these little guys will try her. 

She then walked off shaking her ass and mumbling under her breathe. 

I was not going after her but I ask you all this, where was the parents when she walked out of the house looking like that?  No one can tell me she didn’t walk out of the house like that because of her smart ass mouth she probably at this point do mommy’s make up as well.  She was caked on like a clown.  If it wasn’t for that fact, I have raised children I would have given her a little older than that.  She needs some home training and is getting very little.  Her respect level was out of control and for those who know me, you all know I would have snatched her and taught her a whole new lesson in manners.  But in this day and age people who needs the village are the same people who tell you not to correct their children nor put your hands on them.  The worst part about that is that someone in the village could be the same person that save or change that young lady’s life.  This will be the same child in a few years that is whipping her mother’s ass in the street because she has no respect for her and the one that will tell her father to kiss her ass because he wasn’t never there to protect her from what she has become.  She will be the same young lady we will read about in the paper either for murder or dead somewhere because her mouth caused her fate!  I pray none of this is true and she is just going through a phase.  I also pray that she turns her life around and be the best person I ever had the discomfort of meeting.  Surprise me!

The most important part is that if we do nothing to save this child from the street or jail and she becomes product of her environment. That is now the excuse for everything that happens in the streets.  They are savages because of where they live.  That is bullshit and you all know it. 

No, they are out of control because of how they are or aren’t being raised.  Either they aren’t being raised properly, or this is exactly how they are learning to raise themselves.   As the people of the community where is the heartache for the lost generations that is coming up and will soon be our future.  Hold up because at the alarming rate of homicide in Baltimore, there may not be a next generation for us to raise or turn to if we keep sitting back doing nothing; until it hits home.  Oh yeah, we done nothing, and is doing nothing so they are dying at a rapid rate.  So, in reality consider yourself the last of our generation, because there will be no future if we don’t stand together and for something now!

We are all, I mean most of us, are living our own lives to the point we can’t see how bad they need us and is calling out for us to help them.  Of course, they aren’t going to come straight out and say it but their actions are speaking loudly.  Stop being so high maintenance that you can’t hear the call.   

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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