Love Heart String

Im not a puppet but love keeps tugging at my heart like I am. I will not dance for your love just because you ask but yet instill when u play that ole melody my heart starts to sing and I begin to move. I don’t want to say I love you because I just don’t but as soon as you say it to me I say it right back. Wow you really have a hold on me but why me? Haven’t I given you all I have, haven’t I cried enough tears, haven’t I suffered enough pain or isn’t that enough, you must have all of me or tare me down little by little! Oh love please stop making a fool out of me. I haven’t been your enemy but your friend. Grow with me and not over me for there will be no me if you of take me. Show me your true side and not your unbearable bottom for I kiss no ones ass for but have exploited others to get to you only because it was either me or them. And if you know me love, I love to win so I won. But you have taken the best of me and turned it bad, and worst of me is to your advantage. Break your bond over me and set me free for my heart can’t take no more!

Our Children!

Back in the day when a child is born all the neighbors and family was happy because they knew they were going to have a hand in this child’s upbringing. But now days parents, communities, neighbors, and families aren’t like that, they are selfish. Everyone is about self no one wants to help each other unless there is personal gain. But when shit gets thick everyone start looking for someone to be in their corner. But come on it really doesn’t work like that now do it. If you aren’t putting out there’s no way you’re getting back. Why should anyone be concern with your mess when you aren’t concern with theirs.
Here where I am and always have been! If I see your child first I’m going to acknowledge him or her so they will know I know of them and their family. Secondly, I am going to inquire their parents whereabouts and ask them how are they doing. Then school and what have they been up to lately. Is the rest of the family good. This is to make my presence known so they will know not only do they have a friend in the area but if I’m needed I’m close. This give most kids a sense of security and keeps them from wanting to do wrong. Especially if they are the type of kids being raised right, in a good loving home.
I just want anyone reading this to know I want you to be the same way with mine. Protect them if need be and watch mine as I would yours to allow no harm to come to mine. This is how a village raises kids and should raise kids even if they aren’t yours, they are someone’s baby, just like you are. Even as a grown woman I feel a sense of security in all neighborhoods because I know alot of people and they know me. Protect our children for they are our future and if we don’t who will; the criminals, rapists, murderers, molesters, drug dealers and so forth! Then where is our future?

What Kind of Person are You?

We the people are either loosing control or have lost control! The news is getting out of hand and seem far fetched when first heard. So there was a case not sure where but in the U.S., wherein this woman allowed this known child molester and rapist, after raping her to move in her home babysit her children and repeatedly molest her 8 yrs old plus her mentally challenged 16 yrs. Mind you she knew but needed him to babysit so she can live her life. The guy end up getting two consecutive life sentences plus 20 yrs for the whole situation but the mother got nothing! Im not sure what world we live in but she should have lost as well! Her children should have ended up in the system and she should have went to jail. I know its a bad thing to say but what I didn’t tell you is that prior to this guy molesting her children another guy did it before him so the same two children been raped on two different occasions by two different guys. Where is the defense system when you needed from her she is really the monster in all this?
Then I was watching as four black men car jacked a white couple still in the U.S. They rape both the man ans woman, strangled them both, cut, shot stabbed and then burned them. When they were caught they each said the other did it. Awaiting the outcome on this situation more when it becomes available. Right here in Maryland a Pastor planned, plotted and paid two men to kill a mentally challenged man for fake life insurance policies he took out on him. Then only got seven years for the murder of this mentally challenged man! Was there justice being served here or did the system once akin fail the victim and his family?
Is that enough or shall I continue?
Some years back my nephews best friend was killed by a known child molester. His mother met him and befriended him knowing this information. The boy was repeatedly molested while in the care of his so called “step father” while mommy was high downstairs or in the next room. She says she thought he was getting a beaten for something he had done. She claimed she didn’t know he was molesting her son. Here the fucked up part of the whole situation. The man that killed and molested her son is back on the streets because she didn’t testify against him and the evidence wasn’t strong enough to convict him. They are still together til this day and high now more then ever. Where is justice for the little boy and his sisters and brothers. Why isn’t mommy in jail? More importantly why isn’t the psycho who brutally abused and killed this little boy not in jail or dead? Because the system fails and does so repeatedly. There is enough hate in the world and when the system fails, citizens, victims, and others become either vigilantes or bounty hunters, head hunters because they want blood for blood, an eye for an eye. So I ask you what kind of person are you? The type who watches, waits, or do! The type that’s calling for real justice in this country we call America or one that says it wasn’t my family so….! Then call for justice or cry for help when it does become your family! Well!

Understanding Law

Annotated- detailed
Penal- of, related to, or prescribing punishment, as for breaking the law (2) subject to punishment; legally punishable. (3) serving as or constituting a means or place of punishment.

So Im trying my best to write this law for self defense in. Maryland and it turns out we don’t use a penal code system we use a annotated system. Wow how can you penalize someone for a crime when you don’t even use a penal system? Marylanders what the hell is going on?

No Self-Defense in MD

Ok Marylanders, I need your help!
So it has come to my attention that your representatives doesn’t care about you at all. There is no self defense law in Maryland for those who wants to know. There is no way to protect your family other than being in the house. So if your on the street and gang members or ass holes walk up to you and your family and decides to beat you all to a pulse then that’s what it is. There is nothing that protect you or them from animate danger. If by chase you happen to harm then more than they harmed you, guess what you are the one in trouble with the law.
So I am taking the initiative to write Maryland’s first self defense law. I don’t know about you but I will not live in a state where anyone is allowed to do anything to me and I can’t according to Maryland protect myself. But here’s the catcher, are you ready, we have a gun law in Maryland, but can’t use it in self defense. That like saying you have steak in front of you but you can’t eat it. Wow wtf!
So if you all will help me in writing this law, give suggestions that might or should be incorporated, I will gladly appreciate it. However, I am quite familiar on how to write it not sure all I should incorporate in it. Don’t want to make it where we give criminals the upper hand with this law.

This World


This world has some serious problems not oh here we go again problems but why do these type of people exist problems!

Why racism doesn’t seem to be up close and personal to most it is quite the opposite for others. The south and many third world countries are plagued with such discrimination still. We as people are not evolving, our mindsets will not allow us as humans to get alone. To look at each other as one and not as two. To be honest somehow some way we all emerge from one uterus. Think about this; if Eve was the first woman and she was given the task to birth the world, then im sorry people that is one vagina not two. Just because there would be more soon after to birth the world doesn’t mean that’s not where it started. So with that being said you hate your family, you kill your family, you rape your family, you brutalize your family, you rob your family, you curse your family, you assault, hurt, destroy, intimidated, manipulate, criticize, molest, neglect your family! What would it take for you to stop? Because what we have learned as people is that what we put out in this universe comes back to us, whether good or bad, right or wrong, it comes back to us time three, or ten fold. Wow isn’t that amazing that you can do right and get it back times three or ten fold, meaning better than what you’ve done, and in the same breath do something bad and it comes back worst then what you have done.  I know that you all are saying some people get what they deserve but isn’t that for the creator to decide not mere mortals. I know in some circumstances you question his judgement but think about this you would have to if you didn’t do wrong in the beginning. Its just karma, it happens to all of us not just some of us but all of us. We are all born into innocence but not of innocence. We are taught violence, hate, betrayal, love, life, survival, discrimination, happiness, joy, pain and suffering. It is also instructed in our DNA. Its what we choose to do with it that make us who we are and who we become! The question is do you want to live in this world or survive in this world?
Greed will not define me, nor nepotism, jealousy, hatred, plagiarism, or condemnation. I am not profound by others ignorance, beliefs or will of destruction. I shall not be judge by another because of the hate, beliefs, greed or what have you, because of who I am as a human being, because of my heart, likes, beliefs and judgement. I will not dislike, like or harm you because another feels as though I should. I am my own person, with my own thoughts, feelings, actions, abilities, concepts, and views! I don’t need yours in order to live in this world, because struggling stops now! I shall not or no longer be bound and gagged by your ways, your rules or your laws but by those of the Lord shall free me from your strong hold!
This World I laugh at you! Pahahahahahahahaha!   

I Love “HIM”

He woke me up this morning! I Love “HIM”
Put a smile on my face! I Love “HIM”
Gave me the will to love! I Love “HIM”
Gave me the power to receive and accept love! I Love “HIM”
Instilled confidence in me to be strong and never give up! I Love “HIM”
Embraced me when no one else would! I Love “HIM”
Guided me when I was blind and could go on! I Love “HIM”
Showed me the way when roads were blocked! I Love “HIM”
Allowed me pleasure when I was in despair! I Love “HIM”
Received acceptance when I was in denial! I Love “HIM”
Touched me and lifted me when I was ill! I Love “HIM”
Saw love where I thought there was hate! I Love “HIM”
Gave when I didn’t have to give! I Love “HIM”
Proceed when I gave up! I Love “HIM”
When I was down and out he lifted me up and over! I Love “HIM”
Thank you for all you have given me!
Thank you for all you have taken away from me!
Thank you for all you wouldn’t allow me to have!
Thank you for all the hope I needed!
Thank you for all the pain I could handled!
Thank you for all the time I have!
Thank you for all the time I didn’t have, will not have, and don’t have!
Thank you for all the blessings I have received, will receive, haven’t received, and will never receive!
Blessings in disguise and the ones in front of my face!
I love my Lord and Savior God for His Son, Jesus Christ! Amen!

Great Mind

You people sit out there and point the finger like I’m a looser and you all are winners.
But to be honest who is the sinner!
Deep in your mind there is a menace, it lives inside of all of us.
But who chooses to let it out!
Release it upon the innocent without shame, dare to take the blame!
Everyone has done it before, fuss, curse, lied, cheated to even the score.
Devilish little thing you are, blinded by the haze and blur.
Can’t see into the light, really can’t seem to get it right.
The mind, here it goes again doesn’t know which wrong to mend.
Have no idea where its going or where its been.
Just wish it come back to focus, so you could be once again normal amongst us.
But what is normal I ask?
Someone who gives himself a pat on the back or someone who accomplish something great.
No matter how high the states!
Gambling with life is so risky, so glad it wasn’t me.
It that what you tell yourself, just to receive fame and wealth.
Get over it and move on.
They say Great Minds are one of a kind, but they don’t say is yours will never be as great as mine!
Prove them wrong, no one is powerful alone!
Always with others having your back, now how great is that!
Greatness is a mindset.
Just thinking is the greatest thing of all, I bet.
How great is that? Great enough because I thought of that!


Sexy smile, beautiful eyes, skin
silky like milk. Body shaped just right not perfect but just right. A grand prize for your sight.
Smart, generous, a blessing in disguise.
Pretty lips, nice ass, big breast, thick thighs, oh damn what a surprise.
Down to earth, intelligent since birth. Bad girl, born to upset the balance in this world.
Everyone would want this chocolate delight.
Soft like cotton, what have you gotten yourself in. Good dancer, hell of a written, ambitious. The future, what does it hold for her. Great things I will imagine. Time is her only worry.
Walk tall with her head up high. In her strut is confidence and pride.
Good listener, and friend indeed. To have her in your corner is a bare necessity.
Fiery and quick on her feet. Just to be in her company is a treat.
Pleasant and joyful too. To take a walk in her shoes is a testimony to go through.
Up temple and well rounded. This woman is well grounded.
Not high saditty or to fancy. Just classy enough to make you take a second look at me. I can go on and on about me. Spend time with me and tell me what you think.
Good or bad she welcome your thoughts. This woman here is going to be true to her heart.
Say what you will she is Kenya still!

War of Passion

He looks at me with such furry. He touches me with such aggression. He speaks to me with such determination he kisses me with such lust, like he shall never get enough.
He loves me with such a thrust. Taring down my brick walls, opening me up to venerability. Daring me to show emotions, hoping for a response. Waiting to see pleasure on my face, feeling for a pulse from my soul. Longing for a moment of weakness. Receiving heat from my body.
Rejecting my touch. Accepting my fear. Pleasing my desire. Enjoying his love! Gathering his spirit. Helping his muscle to relax. Wanting his burst of energy! Releasing my pressure!
Emotions running wild, minds out of control. Sweat dripping everywhere. Uncontrollable forces working their was to each other.
The battle begins
Innocence robbed in minutes, eyes connect.
There’s a price to pay for this type of war!
Arms embrace for impact. Bodies united as one. Explosions take place. Soldiers are marching. Survivors are fleeing. Casualties will be because of this unity.
It’s over or has it just begun?
Relax, breathe, rest, we won; passion is ours!

Needy People

Let’s start by informing you all not the homeless, hungry, third world countries.
No I’m talking about phony, thirsty people. People so trifling they need to thrive on your happiness because their own happiness is far fetched. So desperate to be a part of someone else’s world that they co-sign everything about you even of they aren’t sure. Where do these people come from you ask? Well from parents who showed them no love, who was never around for them to ask questions or who just didn’t care about them. That’s where these people come from! A place where most of us never been and even if we have visited we didn’t stay because it was unfamiliar to us or we just didn’t like it.
Thees types of people you have to be careful around, because they are what we in the real world call users, abusers, fake, phony, thirsty, freeloaders, beggars, posers, or just bitches and whores, and clowns. Now don’t get me wrong and excuse my language, but they come both male and female. So don’t get it twisted when I say who they are, just understand there could be a few lingering around in your own backyard. Don’t get them confused with real friends know the difference. They aren’t easy to spot! Here is a few clues on how to spot these unworthy people…
1: They always over your house eating your food using your gas and electric.
2: Always suggesting things at your house like cookouts, parties, wanting you to cook.
3: They invite others to your house when they have nothing to offer them for their invite.
4: They want have no life and is in need of a companion, whether someone in your family, your significant other, or a really close friend.
5: They play games with their lives and expect you to do the same.
6: They have input on your or others lives but their are in shambles themselves.
7: They talk about others when they really can’t talk themselves.
8: They have no education but want to educated others on value, morals, law, and other shit that is far beyond their comprehension.
9: They are always unhappy with their surroundings.
10: They are plain miserable with their own existences.
So stay away from them because their misery loves company and your happiness looks just like their friend. Look closely at your life and your friends and see how many people in your life is needy!

Cheating Hearts


Two lovers bound to be one. Joined before the grace of God. Happiest day of her life, to finally become a wife. Not knowing the devil that lyes beneath. Is this her trick or her treat? One night out with no calls, two night still nowhere to be found. Crept in without a sound. As morning rose, rolled over to find him beside you without any clothes. Clean and so well groomed. The bride’s marriage is soon to be doomed. Questions asked but no reply. I’m a woman, he’s a man, childish games oh why! Okay I will play along, but only for a little while! Inside she’s dying, but on her face still sits a smile.
Heart is too heavy with burden. Her son’s death not ever forgotten.
Oh, but what is this? Tears of pain! Love gone but not far. Words mean nothing but used often. Your face, faith, and thoughts soon forgotten. Friends may vary but one remains the same. True to you and the game. Teaching you life, protecting you from shame. Feeling your sorrow as if it was her own. When you’re down she’s down and it’s has shown. Call on her for everything and anything. The love and friendship is there by all means. You stray to get revenge, then asks the Lord to forgive you for your sins, but then do it again.
Your heart is broken and needs to be mend. Cheating hearts will it ever end?


Hatred such a ugly word, but one often heard.
Is it possible to hate what you have created?
Pregnancy over masturbation; sex or abstinent.
Reality hits hard when a struggle becomes desire.
Your worst fear becomes your world.
Failure is what your dreams are about and success is your nightmares.
Hating the world for your lost but loving on one for your gain.
Embracing heartache and pain.
closing out happiness and love.
Hated by all and loved by one.
Dare to be real and want to be fake.
Hatred lyes deep down inside until you allow it to live on the surface.
Walk around everyday with a frown on your face.
Sitting in corners with a room full of people, hoping no one wants to meet not talk to you.
Never wishing for happiness on depression.
Distancing yourself from the world but never get far.
Feeling closed off and not accepted.
Lying to yourself about your feelings, wanting to cause pain but not sure where or how.
Hating yourself because of uncertainty, but devoted to confusion.

If it doesn’t stop now and change for the best you could end up in the darkest hole by yourself for real. Then you’ll see pain, frustration, anguish, desperation, and dysfunction like you never saw or felt before in life.   


You did it and you know you did. Look at you, this shit is fucking with my head.
Looking around but you have no friends. Need someone to confide in, to confess your sins.
Boast and brag all day about what you done. Trying to convince yourself that you are number one.
You’re lying its all over your face. You’re nothing, just trash taking up space!
You’re still God’s child isn’t that a waste! The fast life had to go get yourself a taste!
Now you’re running around trying to find a lawyer because you caught this case.
Murderer! Murderer!
Judgement day is coming soon. In prison about to get married and you’re not the groom.
Call home to see if someone can get you out. Put up the house, I got you without a doubt.
Dad says not let him rot in jail! Time to think with pain and suffering will do him well!
No we are not putting up the bail! Feeling bad because the money ship has sailed.
Wishing you never done what you did. Put two shots in that kids head.
But its too late because shorty is dead. Death penalty is what the jury said.
Now you’re pleading for your life, just like shorty did!
Murderer! Murderer!

God gives life! Who are you to take it away? Now you played God for the life you took. God said no man shall be judged by another. For he is the creator. What he giveth he shall taketh. So he gave you life and now he take it away. What goeth shall cometh!

Remember you might be above the law but not above God!