The Family Bond! Chapter 7…Segment 5.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

F – Friendships are far and few

A – Alliances formed are forever.

C – Consequences are inevitable when you cross the line.

T – Teaching you what true friendship is will be my pleasure.

Don’t call yourself a friend and be the first person to talk behind my back.  Loyalty isn’t two-faced.  The person you put your trust in is, however you can always take back your trust.  Honesty, isn’t a word it is an action, committed by those who love you.  It honestly hurts when they are definitely doing it an injustice, if it doesn’t then truly you don’t know honesty.  Truth is most people can’t see the truth because they are blinded by lies.  They can’t see it because they want so bad to believe in the person lying directly to them.  People trust is far too generous for them to be strong enough to see lies when they are damn near hand written in black and white.  A façade is just that a lie.  By time the truth comes out you are so emotionally destroyed that you can’t distinguish the difference.  Now that’s a damn shame!

Life at this point is straight cruel and your soul is the punishment.

You will be more than happy to pay attention so you will not be punished.  You have to live with double the trouble if you decided to go against the hand of life.  This is why you are offered both hands and not one.  Like I said closed covered or dangerous.  The choice is yours.   While I’m on the subject of reconnecting the family bond in the household let’s get to an important matter that seem to be escaping some households. 

Let me add this because I know you all say that it is a phase that these children and all children go through but this should not be either.  Hygiene is so serious that it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  When black people don’t take care of their personal hygiene it starts to become routine and become performance habits.  So, if you start them off right as babies there is no way they are going to be argumentative when they know this is a daily routine. 

Ladies teach these young ladies that they inner is a trap for most diseases without sex.  It has a natural moisture to it so if it doesn’t breathe it will suffocate and bacteria will form within it.  Giving them yeast infections, bacterial infections, Chlamydia, and all sorts of things. Change those panties linings every time you go to the bathroom to reduce moisture on top of moisture.  Washing and keeping those parts that stay closed in all day is a necessity.  You know arm pits, vaginas, under the breast, and most of all brush your mouth.  I can’t express that enough.  A clean mouth is a healthy mouth.

As for you men, change those socks every day.  Wash those sweaty testicles, and arm pits.  Keep those feet clean and make sure that if you are not circumcised that you pull back that skin and clean that head fully, as well as rinse it thoroughly.  Black people we have to take care ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and hygienically.  The same goes for the males when it comes to the mouth, because no one wants to smell your breath.

Now back to the friendship!

In order for you to know of friendship you first, must find out what kind of friend you are willing to be to others. If you don’t know then you will take any kind of friend you can get. Now that isn’t good, because you could end up with a frienemies. Which is a friend and an enemy at the same time. You know people who talk about you to everyone behind your back. You know that one that tells all your business and none of theirs. The one who will fight you if you tell any of their business. The one who will stab you in your back or shot you while looking you straight in your face. See these aren’t friends and if you aren’t careful these are the people you will affiliate yourself with for life or death. These are the type of people without a soul for theirs was damaged already and they aren’t sure how to take it back.

They aren’t sure of their worth so they could care less about yours. They will console your mother at your funeral, knowing they were the one who took your life. They will raise your children to have hate for you knowing you were a good person. They will sleep with your baby mother or baby father just to say they did. They are the snakes that lies to your face all the times contemplating on taking your life and what you have.

So, I say know what kind of a friend you are and know what kind of a friend you want in your life. When choosing, choose wisely! Don’t go tossing that word around like it is trash because that is exactly what you will end up with. Remember they all can’t be your friend.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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