The Family Bond! Chapter 7…Segment 4.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Everyone that looks good on the outside but may be sour as shit on the inside!

The first impression could be a façade.  I don’t go on first impressions; I need details and time.   It could be well glued together on the outside and torn apart on the inside.  People wear mask all the time, it isn’t until the mask comes off, you find out she/he is a bundle of hell, nervous wrecks, or homicidal.  Take more than a year to know your significant other before you declare he/she is the one and let them into your safe world only to destroy it. 

Time really doesn’t heal all wounds that’s another lie.  It just covers them up with other shit until they are forced to be revealed.  Take responsibilities of your life and destiny so you have no one to blame but yourself.  When you don’t you develop a nasty tongue and we all know words hurt.  Don’t want to get to know who they are after the destruction and horror.  At that point, it is too late and the family is now destroyed and under scrutiny of all that views it, because you move faster than life itself.  Knowing yourself and what you can and cannot take will help you understand who you are willing to deal, settle and conceive with for a life time.  Knowledge of yourself and ancestors, and family will prevent family mistakes, because a cousin is a cousin whether he/she is first or last, unless he/she is married into the family. 

Regaining yourself worth is the first step in knowing who you are.  Without knowing your worth means you can be tricked into thinking and believing you aren’t worth nothing not even the dirt beneath your feet from the ground you walk upon, worthless.  Don’t get to arrogant and forget just why you had to find your self-worth in the beginning.  Being too arrogant can lead to your loneliness as well as your demise.  Not everyone is impressed about you, as you are about finding yourself so be humble, when you know, your not a fool.  To some they will pump your head up pass where you have it causing you more pain than pleasure.  It happens to the good ones some of the times. 

In this life, we are looking for quantity to have better quality.  Let me clarify so the more of our people pull together as a nation the better quality of life we shall and will have.  As a whole, we are mighty as I draw this hand…

Opened it is able to help all


Some need a slap with all the force created by this hand, to ensure they get the message clear.  As I hold it open, I can offer you all these things and more, but as soon as I close it.

Closed it is as strong as it is opened but deadly


I now cover my people in the palm of my hand with all that I offer I haven’t raised my hand in disrespect nor closed my hand in hate.  I give you my hand in friendship and closed it in a bond that can never be broken.  I place your life in my hand I conceal it to keep others from harming you while I’m around.  I now can carry you open or closed without any concern for your safety because I offered you this hand in honor of my faith in my people.  But stand in front of it and your life is no longer yours to worry about.  It’s mine to do something about it.  Punch!

Be more than a friend to someone, be a resource, a shoulder, a listening ear, a safe haven from themselves, not just a party friend, cuddle buddy, friends with benefits that only suits you.  None of that matters when he/she is hurt or is in intensive care fighting for their lives, on their death bed, down and out or just want to give up on life.

Where will your friendship lay when the true test is upon you?  Better yet where will you be when the hammer comes down and you are really needed?  Place yourself in their shoes and see what kind of a friend you would need and where you would want that friendship standard to be?

I feel like that your judgement day, the true test of your character.  Some of us will pass, but some of you are going to fail miserably, but then your day will come and guess what!  Because of your hand wasn’t there neither will anyone else’s.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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