The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 1.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

The Road to Understanding

Stop giving people your joy wherein they only want your pain, suffering, hatred, and misery.

Before we can understand anything, we need to first know that we are they only race on this planet that cannot completely identify ourselves.  We are the only race who identities have been completely stolen from us from all races.  This is the reason we are so confused on what and how to unite as one.  We have been programmed to believe that we are of their origin.  They have been stealing our identities for centuries.  Before we can join forces, we must know why the forces are needed. 

We first were enslaved and once freed, they grouped together and became the Ku Klux Klan, claiming their superiority over all mankind.  Then they started to hide themselves and take a different approach to killing off black.  They are now our lawyers, doctors, nurses, police, commissioners, judges, majors, governors, other parts of government, and Presidents.  When you kill our own the doctors now fake it to make you think they did everything they could to save their lives.  They also send you to jail or prison, pretending that they care to protect you with the law, but they are on “society’s” side to send you right to prison.  Police trump up charges against you to make you seem worst off then you really are, all to prove “society’s” point that black men are no good and worthless.  Judges are no better some just throw you back on the streets to see if you are a target and will die before they waste “tax payers” money to try you for any federal case.  Yes “society” is the biggest hypocrites there is and every will be.  From the local government to the federal government, they work against black people for the purpose of stroking their egos and filling their pockets.  They know they are winning, but also know that if we come together, they will lose the war and the battle.  They broke us down into two different types of people.

The light skin nigger and the dark skin nigger, separating us from one another {Excuse my vulgar language in this context}.  Causing a rip in the very home that has both textures of skin color, and what did we do.  We fell right in line and still do it to this day.  They divided and conquered our homes and we did nothing to stop it.  We didn’t educate ourselves or realize that we are still the same family we started as before they got into our heads.  They treated our light skinned people different than what they treated our dark-skinned people.  They taught us how to hate our own kind and we got on board as soon as they planted it in our heads that being light was better than being dark.  They whipped dark more because we could see the big picture because they weren’t feeding us bull shit but our sisters and brothers of the lighter skin couldn’t because they were the ones on the end of the spoon being fed the lies and hatred. 

Still to this day we have the audacity to still separate our lighter family from our darker family.  We do it because it is what we have been taught and shown to do, but we have to break that barrier.  We have treated all our people whether lighter, darker or in between the same as we will want to be treat by someone who is opposite of your color.  Let me clear that up for you so if you are dark skinned or mid brown skin and want to be treated good because of who you are then treat the light skin person the same way, and if you are light skin or what they call a red, or yellow bone and what to be treated good based on who you are then treat the dark skin person the same.  What is absolutely mind boggling to me is that we treat other races better than you treat your own immediate family or our people of color.  That makes no sense at all and people we are trying to bond the black family together no longer tear them apart.  The only part I can say they got right is the doer and the procrastinators. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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