Confession Thursday – Are We Supporting The Violence?

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We are all guilty! We have all supported the violence in one form or another. Can’t say you haven’t, either you the cause or the enabler. I know you don’t see it or want to admit to it but we have all done it.

We either know of something that has happened or we have cause something that has happened. If you say no, then think back and see what you have said and who you have said it to. Something may have happened to you or someone you know and you told someone and they told someone and they told someone. Either way it got to the wrong or right person depending on how you see it, and they took care of the problem or situation. I know you don’t think that you have anything to do with it but you kind of did. Maybe it went another way, maybe someone couldn’t hold it in and told you of a situation wherein they did harm to someone. You hold this person in high regards so you just ignore and let it be in the pass. You look at them a little different but nevertheless you know what they told they did. Then somehow it is confirmed but you don’t say a word. See we all know of violence or violent offenders but we don’t say or do anything.

I am not tell you to snitch or to tell, I am simply pointing out the fact that we all know of violence and violent offenders so we all support it. If you didn’t say anything to them about turning themselves in or told not to do it then we enable them and allow them to do what they did or have to do in order to make themselves feel better. But in all retrospect do they feel better or just numb? Do they learn from it or fuel from it? Note: Did we just give them enough ammunition to go out and do it again or did they learn from it and now is so afraid they can’t look at themselves. Somewhere along the line we have to ask ourselves what kind of people are we really.

I know somewhere someone is thinking maybe the person deserved it. Are we now playing GOD and deciding who is worthy to die or what punishment they should receive? Ask yourself did you make the right decision or are you making the right decision? Did you enable the violence or did you encourage the violence? Know this we all do it either way! Question is what are we going to do about it now?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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