Sunday, Let’s Talk Food With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Unhealthy Foods

Do you like to snack? Do you like fast food? Do you like lots of bread? Do you like soda? Do you like candy?

Let’s be honest, we all either use to love it or just like it now and again. It isn’t all the time that we do it but sometimes we like to splurge a little. We like being able to go to those fast food places and pick up something quick. We might even get to comfortable and order up a meal or two for the family. Question is how often do we do it? Is it twice a week, three times, four times or everyday? How often do we eat the unhealthy things that is leading us to an early demise is the question? I mean we know death is coming but we don’t want to rush it either. We aren’t ready before our time is up or are we? If we are eating away our feeling, emotions, and habits through unhealthy foods then we are ready sooner than expected and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

We are parents turn right around and introduce it to our family and then wonder why our family is tired all the time, drained of energy and all they want to do is rest. Why they don’t have the brain power to study, be productive, or ambitious enough to strive for greatness. It’s because we are pushing cancer, laziness, and high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes down their throats and they have no idea that we are doing it. We are the ones that goes grocery shopping and pick up all the snacks, sodas, sugary drinks, candy and over processed foods. We leave out the goodness our family needs. We might pick up fruits and veggies but we focus on things that make our lives more sustainable and not healthier. We want more time to do other things than standing in the kitchen cooking healthy meals or making sure we’re not killing our children.

Don’t do it any longer, remember CANCER is a business not a DISEASE! They don’t have to tell us that they are poisoning us, they just have to please the FDA and only the government and the Savor knows who is really doing their job and who hands are being greased. What we do know is all enriched foods are bleached so they are definitely unhealthy for you. If it’s dead then why even bother, but I do get it. Some meets, if cooked and prepared. suppose to provide nutrients, but honestly I doubt it. I think it is all financial gain with the lies. I know that make it taste so good with all the chemicals and dyes that they put in it but if your not sure then don’t do it. If it is loaded with sugar and sugar by products then we already know it is going to lead to health problems so why do it to ourselves.

Remember your life and those who you love life is in your hands, let’s make the right choices for them until they are old enough to do it for themselves. By then they will know what choices is right because we would have taught them well. Live longer and healthier by making the right choices.

Sending you love and kisses. #GoddessLove.


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