It’s funny how advice is always given to you even when it’s not needed, by someone who is either in a bad relationship or have no significant other.  They can tell you what’s messed up about your lover.  Can give you the ramifications of your life but have no idea what’s going on in their own.

Relationships are made up of three rules that must be upheld:

Intimacy – The bond which, should never be broken.

Reverence – Opinions of others is worth more than love alone.

Sincerity – the one thing that makes you loves more and want more of your significant other.

With all of these things comes communication and faith amongst one another.  Better sex, love, desire, togetherness, passion, dedication, and the ability to weather any storm, graze any plan, overcome any obstacle in your way. 

Listen because I am only going to say this once if your partner cannot battle the storm, leave in the mist of war or argument, then he/she is not the one. 

Believe it or not the problem is not resolved until it is weighted against all odds. 

Both participants must agree open heartily or lightning will strike again, and when it do if the problem hasn’t been dealt with, then you will feel the power of an hurricane upon your shoulders.

Believe that there is someone for you do not settle for anything, if you do I guarantee that there will be more rough road to surpass.

Where I Live

Where I Live

In the city of shame and yes everyone is to blame.
Abandonment looks so foreal, vacant and burned down houses.
Children walking around ominously, what’s the deal.
Because in this state 16, school you don’t have to attend.
So their English they shall never begin.
Their souls they shall never mend and their needs for the children  has come to an end.
This is where I live.

Where violence is the entertainment and sexuality is a sign of displacement.
Where no one cares anymore,
Where folks even get killed at God’s doors,
And freedom is no more.
Where drugs is the teams project and the corner is the workplace.
Where killing is an acceptance and life is a
This is where I live.
Where gangs is your families, and love one is the target.
Where homes are lost and job applications are no longer expected.
Where hope is gone and pride is pushed aside.
Enough is enough.

Stand up sisters and brothers take back what is yours.
Your children, no our children, our lives, our streets, our dignity, our pride, our hopes, our dreams, our lover, our faith, our destiny, our beliefs, our lives, and now live where you want to live.

the interpersonal word of bitch

to be called a son of a bitch means nothing and shouldnt mean nothing.
yes I’m a female who will dog you out if I think you are trying to run game.
can smell bull shit from a mile away.
see shit black and white where most is blinded by color.
is man kind best friend but will turn and bite the shit out of you if you force me to.
can not really be trained but can adjust to your style of living until I feel otherwise.
can regroup in any situation and adapt to my surroundings.
so what you called me a bitch doesn’t mean a thing to me.
its just a word that describes a female dog.
to think you are hurting me by saying it is completely wrong.
it just tells me that you know I am territorial about my place,  things I own, children I born & my space around my being then yes I’m a bitch.
a great bitch one everyone wants to have and all other bitches want to be like.
I’m not afraid to protect what’s mine  I come to the defense of  everything I hold dear and will die to keep it safe from harm no matter who is the intruder or perpetrator.
it means I will bite the hands of the one who feeds me if that person is that hand tries my performance or bring me harm.
I’m not to be mistreated at any cause because unlike the male dog I don’t tuck my tail and run I turn and attack.
so yes by all means called me a bitch but remember this I’m a hunter by nature and dominate by will and  motivated by determination.
so when you open your mouth to call me make sure you say Supreme bitch,  ultimate bitch,  amazing bitch,  immeasurable bitch,  but never a plain or weak or dirty bitch.
address me with respect to know I’m a killing bitch.
so women stop allowing that word power over you.

Six Degrees of Separation

Our six degrees of separation I recently encounter the concept of (SIX DEGREES OF SEPERATIONS) there being six people between you, and you knowing anyone else in this world. I wondered about the six individuals standing between me… truly coming to know you. Is there a way that I can come to IMMEDIATELY know? who each and every one of them is, in effort of coming to know you? Now please….don‘t misunderstand; I mean truly knowing you, the whole of you, and the core of you. That wholesome core to which you could never be untrue; That person in the mirror with whom, you are still coming to Know. And still yet to be75% aware of; That innocent person in you with whom… I could not help but be, so uncontrollably attracted to. So helpless in this attachment of humanistic attraction, that I cannot do anything but innocently love. How is it that I am so definitely close to you? but then there too …is this distance between us that no matter how I attempt not to, I can’t help but abandon you too? That condition which keeps me from the beauty I found in you, and in need of, ` longing for the depth of you. Is this… the six degrees of separation? Bringing forth to my heart…. this desperation? That need to overcome the incompatibility of the reasoning’s for systematic class segregation; profit, oppression, accomplishments on abases of inequalities…… how we all suffer based on these unequal scales. You with me now…, are you relating. Have you begun to conceptually visualize, are you mentally recreating. You with me, caught within the realm of this humanistic condition.  Which is between us and our love ones, this closeness, and then also this unforgivable distance too? Or is this condition, that thing in which we must overcome inside ourselves. Borders that we unwittingly created, which forsake us from the quest of truly identifying our inner selves And the ability we have to love, along with the sanctity of the reasons as to why? What is it that makes us substitute it? for things of lust in an attempt to bring something of Fulfillment within our lives? Why is the reality that the things we trust the least in our lives are ourselves, And we quickly replace the reality of our sensitivity towards whom and what we love upon A shelf to allow it to be distant,. And why do we no longer listens to our core? This concept of (six degrees of separation) Has brought forth the awareness within me to review the hesitation I have inside myself. For me to reflect upon my very core and its truth, this unforgivable condition of being able to effortlessly share in love. Anew…, even within this inability to ever express its limitlessness to you… Will I ever come to truly know myself? Can the true realization of me reveal those six people too? Who are the people that constitute the six degrees between me, knowing me and knowing you, and you knowing you and knowing me too? Our six degrees of separation, brought down to a single concept Of the distance of one, which is nothing more than do we know ourselves. Then the six degrees of separation when if overcame would create two, to be condensed to one, us, sharing of one love. So was this ever about the additional six people? Or IS IT ABOUT;    our lack in courage to reach beyond the distance of our differences to simply relate as we were meant to do……That simply; do and give unto others in a way, as you would wish to be done and gave unto you. By: The unknown poet01


PERHAPS Perhaps…….would I become more engulfed in your chest more than an essence which brings  forth just a smile…. perhaps a heartbeat…. a part of a breath ….   which expands your lungs …… or better yet,       a small current of electricity …… which subtly shocks you neural pathways……… bringing forth  feelings of enlightenment…. perhaps …..even an internal song … your heart strings cannot resist a moment to sing … even after…….. it has just been sung perhaps…… I would become more than just a mental flashback taken every now and then to relieve thyself of anxiety and stress better yet , would I become even a part of the sparkle …… that reflects from within your eyes… attracting so many others to notice the different facet of your beauty expounding upon my duty to be a  compliment you perhaps… I would become a part of you in too many ways………. to be expressed connecting all my dots….. unto your very core making it …….. inevitable for us to be seen as one perhaps………….
By: theunknownpoet01

The Unknown Poet

Embrace  perchance I could taste of your thoughts sample every predilection of elegance in emotion on all extremes also savor  all the different shades……. of what’s in-between capture them at the peak of their freshness……..nibble them straight from the heart embrace your etiquettes… simultaneously interpreting their means molding myself in co-existence ……..into  your special being present to you ….all for which you have fought through actions attest to the fact that this …is just a start ….. could you convince yourself become a part? perchance I embraced you in entirety ….and we flow  together as the molecules of water in a stream could you fluidly support its flow…. appreciate finding all that you have sought living in its continued existence….eagerly sipping a taste of my thoughts when the people look at me ……..will they automatically see your face …. In the scene   shall we embrace this …. and everything that it means …….
By: theunknownpoet01