You did it and you know you did. Look at you, this shit is fucking with my head.
Looking around but you have no friends. Need someone to confide in, to confess your sins.
Boast and brag all day about what you done. Trying to convince yourself that you are number one.
You’re lying its all over your face. You’re nothing, just trash taking up space!
You’re still God’s child isn’t that a waste! The fast life had to go get yourself a taste!
Now you’re running around trying to find a lawyer because you caught this case.
Murderer! Murderer!
Judgement day is coming soon. In prison about to get married and you’re not the groom.
Call home to see if someone can get you out. Put up the house, I got you without a doubt.
Dad says not let him rot in jail! Time to think with pain and suffering will do him well!
No we are not putting up the bail! Feeling bad because the money ship has sailed.
Wishing you never done what you did. Put two shots in that kids head.
But its too late because shorty is dead. Death penalty is what the jury said.
Now you’re pleading for your life, just like shorty did!
Murderer! Murderer!

God gives life! Who are you to take it away? Now you played God for the life you took. God said no man shall be judged by another. For he is the creator. What he giveth he shall taketh. So he gave you life and now he take it away. What goeth shall cometh!

Remember you might be above the law but not above God!


Published by missk22

I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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