Wednesday – Getting Through the Week!

Goddess morning Royals. first, give praise and worship to the all High.

So Sunday was supposed to be a relaxing but of course there was a hiccup, but all in all it turned out to be a not so bad day. You got to eat with the family and if not then Sundays are suppose to be time with the family. #SundayIsFunday. Remember spending time with the family strengthens the bond between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. It give the family time to vent as well as time to heel from such a long week and to start off the new week with a fresh start. Monday is the day that everyone hates because it is when you have to be either a parent for real and an employee in someone’s company or a student in someone’s school and if you are the boss you have to manage people whom you probably wish you could just fire, but then who will build the empire. It is the day when you know you have to be somewhere doing something after such a relaxing day on Sunday. You didn’t prepare for Monday and if you did, kudos to you for being ready for the world at large. Now take the bubbly attitude to work and spread the cheer. If you didn’t prepare and is in a horrible mood allow someone else to be your sunshine where you feel the darkness and clouds. Don’t go anywhere to rain on someone else’s parade. Tuesday means that Monday already happened and there is probably a lot of work you didn’t do yesterday because you weren’t feeling it. So now you have to make up for it all today. However, you did make it in on time because you had time to vent and relax after working and studying yesterday. Plus you already know that Tuesday was coming so you had time to get yourself ready for this day, even if you didn’t do it for Monday.

Now we are at the best day of the work week; Wednesday, because we know that Friday isn’t that far away. Which mean the weekend is almost near. It is a shame that this is the only day that make us feel as though we have done something worth while. It is the day when we are feeling better about our jobs as well as our family life. It is the day that they children is excite about because most school do a half day for learning. They are most excited about Wednesdays because they get to slack off on Thursday so they can prepare for Friday. I know that it seem as though I am being too much but look at the children on a Monday and then on a Wednesday. It is like they know something we don’t. Then turn around and look at them on Friday and they are totally different children. I promise you getting over that hump; the middle of the week; is more exciting for them then it is for us as parents. Just remember just like that the week is over when Wednesday is over.

Anyway #HappyHumpDay and enjoy it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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