The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 7.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Now remember children learn from what they see.  So, if a young girl only sees men running in and out of her home and no longer is her father there what do you think she is going to want to do?  If a young boy sees men running in and out their home with their mother what do you think they are going to do?  It may not seem like it but it is a psychological cycle of damage and will soon or later be the reason or cause of mental break downs, pain, frustration and unwarranted abuse. 

Women will believe this is how a woman is supposed to get money when there is no man in the house or no education for her.  A man will believe this is the way you treat women who has a lack of education and no man in the house.  Also, he doesn’t want a family nor want to be in the house of a woman who has family whether they are his or not.

First, there was no man without woman since Eve bit the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden.  Now there is women for women, men for men, whores for everyone, and good people for everyone to dog.  Where in the hell did they start this trend and when?  Sorry it has always been there since black was enslaved by “society” and forced to perform sexual favors to please the master sometimes at their own will and then other time it was taken at the owner’s discretion. 

Someone asked me recently, if Eve came from Adam, when did man start coming from woman?  I stated when GOD decided that since she wasn’t obedient that she would birth the world and suffer the pain and challenges of child birth.  That’s when man became of woman and no long the reverse.

You would think that now that man was of woman that they would act differently and they have.  They have completely decided that they would destroy the very fiber of what woman was since she had destroyed the existence and what man was.  According only to Eve and Adam, because as a Queen I hold faith in my man and only because he is of God and God fearing. 

Families had the man in the home growing the fruit, herding the live stocks, planting the seeds, building the stables, working the fields, and making the babies.  Mothers were raising the children, cooking the meals, mending the clothes, educating the children, making sure they attend to their studies, and they all was praying for the next day, while thanking the HIGHER POWER for the day HE had made.

Some sort of worship was on the Sabbath and then home to start the week again.  Then when the children were of age chores was put into place.  Dad and Mom extended to the children, their know how, boys went out and did what fathers knew and girls learned what mothers knew.  Either way a learning system was formed from generation to generation until the sixties somehow those sixties changed so much about people as well as families.  Men got separated from what family is and then somehow got very close to what Child Support would mean to him from that moment on.

Dads couldn’t be in the homes no more; mothers were doing more to keep the families together.  Grandparents started stepping in more.  The elderly wasn’t retiring anymore and social services was booming with more black families.  Oh, by all means don’t get it misconstrued poor “non-black” families were suffering just as much as the average black family, if not more.   The system was winning and the black families were losing at an alarming rate. 

You think this would damage the average black family but some just adjusted their standards while other adjust their income by working and getting paid under the table.  While some young boys in the home of single parent mothers could look at their mother struggle as much as she did for his family most of them turned to the lifestyle of hustling.  They didn’t just hustle drugs they hustled whatever the fuck they could.  They hustle hustlers if need be.  They rob and stole if need be.  The crime rate was increasing and murder wasn’t their only problem anymore.  Some learned to just take from the same “society” that started the crime cycle.  As devious as they were as criminalizing as colors were.    

Black leaders called out to communities for help and most answered but “society” had their claws in the black families to deep.  We went from slavery to racism to poverty placement, to genocide and now back to mind slavery.  I can see this cycle is about to repeat itself again. 

Where can we go from here?                            

We need real leaders, community leaders not ones who looks like us but act like them.  They’re the ones selling us out now.  They are the ones who don’t care about the black families.  They are the ones who believe we are the minority.  Excuse the fuck out of me but we are the majority that’s why they need us gone.  With us out of the way then they surely would be the majority, but that’s not going to happen.  As much as they want us out for the same reason they need us so badly.

They brought us over here because they had already wiped out our kind and knew our kind would be the only friendliest people they could enslave.  See we were already here just spoke another language.  That’s how they knew what type of people they are really in need of and went in search for them.  They still doing it to this day.  They still go to South Africa “The Mother Land” and steal South Africans from their homes and make false promises to them only to enslave them wherever they end up and sell to the highest bidder.  People lives aren’t an auction and should never be valued as such or less than.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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