The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 1

Good morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Chapter 2.  Tearing the Black Man from His Home

This isn’t a new thing so don’t believe the hype of a horrible useless, lazy, no good man.  That’s simply isn’t true.  Let me see this isn’t his fault per say but it is his attachment.  Okay, so the United States of American was built on the back of the black man.  Honestly, how can they be lazy, useless, or no good?  You would have to be a self-centered bastard to say such a thing to someone after they have done all your dirty work and you have done nothing but castrated them.

S – Stripped of their manhood and family values.

T – Transferred or transported to another life not of his own.

R – Retrained to think less of himself and more of his slave owner.

E – Embarrassed by humiliation of his character.

N – Nervous for his presences of his captive.

G – Growing weak from his abuse and demoralization.

T – Taught nothing to have nothing but wealthy beyond his means.

H – Hated by all who fears his abilities to better himself.


H – Helping to build one another up.

O – Oppressed no longer by the shackles that once bonded him.

N – Negotiating his own freedom from himself and his captive.

O – Operating his own life and managing his own business.

R – Reconnected with the family he once loss.

This is where they should have regained their pride and dignity of life which was once stolen from them but they couldn’t, why?  Because “society” found a new way to keep them away from all that loves and needs them.  It’s called the Constitution for whites and not for colors.  Oh, but there is more, this was just the beginning.  It wasn’t enough to enslave them now they shall have no rights as a human at all.  I know that you all think that the Constitution of America is for all, but it isn’t.  It is so many Addendums and add-ons to the Constitution but ways around how to allow black people the same rights of those who created it and signed it for their people. 

How can something written when we were slaves, be for us?  Think my people it is only your right as a human being to be able to think past what they have trained you to accept as a way of life!  So “society” took the heart out of the home and left you with an artificial one, “pacemaker,” or shall we say a resourced income.  That’s definitely not the same damn thing.  You can’t really replace a human being with a source of money.  If you think so then you are brainwashed.  This is their figuring of the absent man.

Man Replacement
Father Money
Spouse Dildos
Disciplinary Court
Financial Supporter Child Support
Handyman Handyman Services
Source of Income DSS
Reliability Social Worker
Protector Alarm Systems
Cook Order Out
Cleaner Maid Services

Now that the man isn’t in the home what shall we do with him, nothing because what leverage do, we have over him.  None!  This can’t be right; we need to be able to control him since we have taken him from the home.  Where do we put him because without responsibilities, he is a loose cannon?  Well we can always just let him be that loose cannon and wait to see what his natural destructive behavior brings to the table.  Got to give him a push though.  We gave him drugs and we must allow him to sell them for us, but he cannot be in charge of all that money.  So, we need to create a way for him to pay us back, in comes Child Support.  You think Child Support cares where the money comes from?  No, they just want you to pay your child’s mother needing their assistance where you are absent.

Well if he gets a real job, we deduct it from his check but we will take cash to keep him from going to jail if he makes his money illegal for us.  Either way we benefit from the madness that is the single black man. What if he doesn’t leave the home then we make him work for pennies on the dollar but we give him a pat on the back for staying in his children lives.  We know they all will not stay because the money and chaos will be too great of a deal to them.  Temptation is a mother isn’t it?  What if he gets too cocky then we put him in jail or prison?  We already built the concentration camps because we didn’t want to let them run free in the beginning.  They have masterminded the whole plan and when they came to obstacles, they just simply went back to the drawing board to fix the problem and add a law to make it right.

What about the Constitution, because thanks to Lincoln they now have rights under those laws?  We’ll be bank on them not knowing them all and the right laws that bends the Constitution to our desire, suites our needs.  They have the freedom to speak but not directly to higher power or law enforcement if told not to talk.  Isn’t that a violation not if worded correctly it isn’t?  If their speaking with loud outburst and it draws in a crowd then it is inciting a riot and that is against the law.       

Let’s see the Right to Bear Arms, not for black men or women, because they are natural savages and will murder randomly.  But that isn’t really working out the way they planned.  See they put stipulations in place to deny black the right to bear arms.  With black people killing each other I think this was the plan when they decided to “allowed” them to play with the thought of being able to protect what was rightfully ours.  Oh, you can bear arms only in the comfort of your home but with a permit or license to do so, meanwhile “society” is allowed to conceal them on their person as long as the clip isn’t in the weapon and the safety is on.  Not to mention all-black people are considered to have mental problems based on the drugs that they pushed through the black communities which targeted our young black men in the beginning for ADHD. 

I really don’t remember growing up with males in my family having Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder.  They were all normal to me.  Now all black young boys are being diagnosed with having ADHD so they can make them sterile and create a mentally ill person with no rights even if he is mentally capable.  Now they are restricted from a lot of things knowing that they shouldn’t be restricted from anything.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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