The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

R – Reject them this right because they are poor ass murderers.

E – Ensure they are always in the wrong.

S – Scare them with jail of enormous time for possession.

T – Trigger their violent behavior to ensure denial.

R – Reassure proper “society” that the bad guys is safely put away.

I – Imprison anyone who is Black for possession of a concealed weapon.

C – Constrict their ability to protect their families.

T – Target them as criminals with mental problems.

I – Intrigue them by provoking their natural instinct to protect.

O – Over exaggerate all injustice murdering of these people.

N – Negotiate their lives with others.

S – Sentences them for being black the new slavery technique

They will never admit to our superiority but will admit to massive slaughter of black, but deny their reasons for such destruction of our people.  If we never question their intentions then they will always have the upper hand.  If you never stand for ourselves then they will always put us where they think we belong. 

This is how it starts, first they come with their lies and money in hand.  Promising you everything but delivering you nothing.  They took everything from the Aborigines, pillaged and plundered our people.  After killing all the men of the tribes, the only thing left was to rape and impregnate the women.  Once they were done with them, they sent them off to live in a third world country and to take their elderly and weak with them.  This instilled hatred for the United State of America and brought about a need for revenge. 

Still they needed someone to build the land up for proper living.  Since “society” was so lazy they weren’t about to do the work themselves.  They tried others but came up short and very disappointed.  Their quest for other ethnics to do their will come up short but then they discovered South Africa, which from their Historical readings was already a part of a slave trade system.  What we didn’t know or what they haven’t divulged to us is that they have been enslaving our people since the 6th Century.  They saw the hard work, love, connection, commitment, dedication, and loyalty of our people.

They knew these were the people they needed to build their stolen country.  With lies in their hearts and distrust in their voices they approached the “King” to ask his people to aid them in building their country.  They promised money, jobs, living quarters, opportunities for all.  Their first trick was to show good faith.  The “King” with gold in his face and lies at his back with a good heart said okay.  Not sure of anything but the gold in front of him, he promised his people to the visitors.  Not all was please nor willing to go, but the dreams that was sold, sound good.

Once upon the ship the truth was revealed as they were shackled at once.  Some escaped to warn the King of the visitor’s betrayal, but were murdered before they could reach him.  Then the visitors thought for some to stay behind and keep the people disillusioned.  If anything looked different murder the King, then stay and rule over this land as well.  Many stayed behind while the slave ship took all the men they could from the families whom needed them.  The young and elderly were now prisoners of a “society” who was escaping from their own demons.  Do I pity them?  No, I don’t because of their laziness, lies, hate, and deceitfulness!  They have taken men and boys from their wives and mothers to do them harm and erase their existence, culture, and humanity. 

They robbed them of their chances at life.  They denied them of their dignity and honor just to satisfy their own.  Many died because of this act and the women and children left behind was never aware of their love one’s death.  No notification that their love ones will never be coming back home to or for them.  But, the ones taken wasn’t enough they needed more and since they were now in control in South Africa, they could go and take more whenever they thought necessary or unnecessary.

Then “society” learned that the South Africa’s could read and write so they weren’t as savage or dumb as they originally thought, hence the “The First Eleven Slaves” to sue “society” and win.  Nor was they like the Indians that once ruled upon the land in which they stole.  They also saw the South African worshiping the Sun God.  “Society” needed to use all this to their advantage.  I will admit they are some crafty ass villains.  The evil they lay wasted upon the South Africans will be their own mistake.  For you took away their reading doesn’t mean you stopped them from learning.  Just because you took away their writing doesn’t mean you took away their ability to do so.  You even denied them their native tongue all so you can be a ruler over people who already had a ruler.  You didn’t take away their hope nor their belief that the Sun God had favor in them.  If the Sun rose there was hope, will, and their ability to escape this madness.

Once you couldn’t break that spirit you denied them worship of their God but chose to force your God and beliefs upon them.  They now must learn to read your word and worship your God.  For their God was a lie and did not exist.  When in fact that is exactly what your God is, all lies!  Now you have completely erased their identities and now we know nothing of who we really are but we are learning, growing, and reclaiming our identities once again, even though we will never really know who we are, we can start from where we are now.

Now they are refusing to work and you feel the need to punish them.

W – Withhold their freedom and love ones from them until they beg.

H – Hate who they are but thankful for who they are.

I – Impose yourself onto them sexually.

PPatronize them as if they don’t understand what is going on.

H – Hinder them by brain washing them.

A – Assaulting them for no apparent reason.

N – Negotiate sales for their lives and bodies.

G – Gagging them to silence their cry for your God

B – Belittle them for pleasure.

U – Undermined their abilities to live as humans

R – Restrain them by crippling them physically and mentally.

N – Notarize their life, death, and birth to keep track of their movement.

S – Stealing their joy by making those who oppose your examples.

E – Easing your guilt by detaching yourself from that you have violated

L – Lessen your time on the planet by way of your God

L – Leaving behind a world of pain and uncertainty in those sold.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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