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An enema is the use of water (distilled, spring or boiled) or herbal teas injected in the rectum and colon. The purpose of the enema is to remove feces, worms, and impurities.

A high enema is performed with a colon tube (which is 24” to 32” in length) attaches to the tube of the enema bag and inserted into the anus; the tube passes through the rectum and into the colon. This type of enema reaches high into the large intestines (colon). A colonies irrigation is an enema performed by using ten to thirty gallons of water – a proctor is used and has a water in-flow tube and a waste out-flow tube attached. If the colonic irrigation is not available, then take ten gallons of water per high enema for three days. In this way, the body will not be strained by the colonic irrigation and the process becomes more rhythmical and natural. The enema tube should be lightly oiled and the anus should be lightly oiled before inserting the tube. Warm or slightly warm water is used. The herb teas are usually strained and used at a warm temperature.

Enema bags usually have a fountain syringe and can be purchased from a drugstore. Sometimes, the colon tubes have to be purchased at a medical supply store. Enemas are usually classified by the use desired.

Anthelmintic Enemas (get rid of worms)

Worms feed of fermented and/or putrefied manure that is in the colon due to constipation, wrong food combinations, meat, contaminated yogurt, milk, lunch meat, unclean produce, slow digestion, spastic colons, stress, under-active appendices, feces that pack and line around the colon, etc. Worms can be felt crawling around, seen in the bowel movements and around the anus. They tend to crawl out the rectum at night, due to the warmth of sleeping blankets. They can be seen crawling out the anus at night. They can cause scratching the anus during the day as well as night. Worms come in all shapes and sizes and many are transparent.

Salt water: dissolve one to two cups in warm water. Add lime or lemon to warm water and inject into rectum.

Herbs: Aloe, Cascara Sagrada, Horse Radish and Senna, are laxatives that remove worms. (see anthelmintic). Asafetida, Elecampane, Garlic, Quassia and Wormwood removes worms.

Antispasmodic Enemas

The colon sometimes becomes too weak to have natural muscle actions (peristalsis). The weakness can be caused by packed feces around the colon lining, constipation, etc. Parasympathetic spasm causes the colon to stay open (diarrhea). Sympathetic spasm of the sphincter muscle cause constipation.

Herbs: Chamomile, Hops, Lobelia, Valerian (see calmatives herbs) Calmatives Herbs – these herbs are used to excite and stimulate the body through the organs of and taste. The fragrance of the herbs creates a feeling of warmth and alerts the senses. They stimulate the stomach and transmit a feeling of relaxation to the body. Valerian, Hops, Chamomile, Catnip, Skullcap, Nerve Root, Kava, Passion Flower.

Astringent Enemas

A bleeding (hemorrhages) colon can be caused by straining when having bowel movements. Straining is caused by constipation, weak muscles (prolapsed), poor diet, etc. Ice cold water enemas are good (see astringent herbs) Astringent Herbs – these herbs cause internal and external skin tighten (contract). They can cause tissue to become firm and can close the pores of mucous membranes found in nasal passages, mouth, uterus, stomach, intestines, etc. They allow heat and nutrients to stay within the body. These herbs temporarily reduce excessive fluids secretions and can be used in baths, douches, washes, mouthwashes, drinks, gargles Or skin lotion. Alum Root, Barberry, Black Alder, Congo Root, Kola Nuts, Pilewort, Shepherd’s Purse, Sumac, Tormentil, Wild Indigo, Witch Hazel.

Emollient Enemas

This type of enema softens hard caked feces.

Herbs: Barley, Linseed Oil, Prune Juice, Psyllium, Castor Oil, Olive Oil.

Nutritive Enemas

One to two cups of molasses; add 2 cups Horse Radish and lemon juice (use 2 lemons) to 2 quarts of water.

Sedative Enemas

Use Cannabis Sativa Seeds as a tea, Valerian or Catnip (see sedatives herbs) Sedatives Herbs – these herbs soothe abs calm pain. They are allopathic and can tend to house the cause of the pain. Pain is an alarm which signals that the disease is well developed, and accordingly, requires a nutritional balancing. These herbs are often used for females menstruation pains. They should not be used for delayed menstruation. Squaw Wine, Catnip, Yarrow, Cramp Bark, Chamomile, Black Haw, Black Cohosh, Motherwort

Purgative Enemas

Add liquid soap to an herbal solution of Ginger and Horse Radish.

Coffee and Garlic Enemas

This type of enema is used to detoxify the body and is commonly used for severe dis-eases. The garlic is an antibiotic and rids the body of harmful toxins while the caffeine in the coffee stimulates the muscles of the colon to push waste out. This solution travels up to the gallbladder and causes it to eliminate its contents.

Diarrhea Enemas

Enemas of catnip and valerian for severe diarrhea were often used in Egypt. Comfrey, Wild Alum Root, Lobelia, Mullein, Wild Rue. (Eat Arrow Root Powder), White Oak Bark.

An enema is not to be relied upon for proper bowel movements. A raw food and natural foods diet helps to regulate the bowels. The transitional time of food can be checked by eating five to six tablespoons of charcoal powder or tablets. Then look for the charcoal in the bowels. When it appears, it will give you the time to take food to leave the body. The food spells should spend four hours in the stomach and four hours in the intestines (colon). Transitional time should be no longer than sixteen hours. If longer, an enema may be needed along with a good diet.

A way to avoid enemas and keep the colon clean is to take two tablespoons of Flax Seed Meal, Slippery Elm Power, Psyllium Husk or Seed (or powder), Fenugreek or Chia Seeds daily. This will create natural fiber and mucous and it is not a laxative (irritant to digestive tract) habit forming.

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