Freaky Friday – The Sexual Aggressor And Other Lies

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Are you all led to believe that males are physically the sexual aggressor? Well don’t believe the hype! This type of lie had contributed to the distortion in women’s health concepts and relationships. Penis penetration is caused by the hip movement is the man. Women equally have hips and can be by anatomical definition, the sexual aggressor. Anatomically, the man’s penis is compared of sponge tissue while the woman’s vagina is composed of muscle tissue. The penis is passive (lacks muscle activity) and the vagina is active (is a muscle). In other words, a man (male penis) the enters the cave of wonder (vagina) in which is attached by thousands of women (vaginal muscles) could never be considered an aggressive conqueror of the woman. *This belief is based upon rape. During rape, the erect penis can be forced into the vagina. However, during the normal sexual intercourse the male and female hips are both active. The penis is stimulated by the muscular structure of the vagina. An erect penis is classified under the Female Principle, while a flaccid penis comes under the Male Principle. Sexual aggression is culturally defined and based upon the see rituals and ceremonies of a culture.

Orgasms and ejaculation… Men associate orgasms with the good physical sensation of ejaculation and women believe it is the same as a climax. Orgasms is the pleasant holistic sensation caused by a physically stimulating climax caused by the elevation is the mind and spirit. Orgasms can be achieved without ejaculating sperm. Orgasm is a holistic expression of mental and spiritual balance. Orgasm is achieved by men and women when their Male and Famale Principles combine to stimulate the Pineal.

The female has the genetic code of her father (male principle) and the male has the genetic code and physical characteristics (nipples) of his mother (female principle). During holistic heterosexual intercourse, the male and female principle combine in a Holy Union – they become one. The pleasant physician sensation of this union reaches it’s highest height – orgasm during sexual intercourse. Each feeling (touching, hearing, etc.) and emotion (happiness, anger, etc.) has a threshold. A threshold is the lower limit the triggers a sensation and the upper limit whereby the sensation reaches it’s maximum level.

For example – a finger will get burnt (upper limit). Stimulation (real or imagined) of the glans penis (head is the penis) reaches threshold and send a signal to the frenulum (sensation center on the underside of the penis). The frenulum then trigger a climax and/or ejaculation. A climax is not an orgasms. An orgasms can only be achieved by the holistic union of the complementary sexes of male and female. A man with a man or a woman with a woman (homosexuals) can sexually masturbate each other to achieve a climax.

Men have a female principle or gentle or feminine (i.e., gentlemen) quality. A male principle has a feminine emotionalism (not to be confused with effeminate). Men should consciously and emotionally accept the female portion of their Male Principle. They were created by their mother and father, so they have half of each parent’s sexual, emotional, and physical characteristics.

A man can switch to the woman’s frequency during intercourse with the woman. A woman can switch to the man’s frequency. This dissolves and harmonizes the female/male division. This dissolution returns the woman and man to a non-sexual holistic energy level. This non-sexual energy is orgasmic because it is spiritual purity. Spiritual purity is culturally defined and had no beginning and no end. Orgasm is a holistic energy, which is beyond the pleasant sensation of a woman’s climax and a man’s ejaculation and climax. It is safe to say that very, very few men have had an orgasm. They have had a physically pleasant climax and pleasing sensation from ejaculation and not an orgasm.

An orgasm by African cultural definition is achieved by complementary sexes. It is a unit to two different sexes (male/female), which results in the man and woman joined together to form a complement-one unit. The physical being, psyche being, and spirit being join together to form one complementary human being. Man’s spirituality and mentality and woman’s spirituality and mentality join and form one spiritual human complement. Orgasm is the expression of wholism. Wholism is the expression of culture. People will have you believe that men and women are opposite sexes and can achieve a climax by masturbation, homosexuality, rape, sex with children, or electronic devices, masochism, sadism, anally, orally, and through necrophilia (intercourse with a dead person). Climax and orgasm are two different things. Orgasm is God-centered. Orgasms require MA’AT cultural sexual rituals and ceremonies. An African who is not free to practice their culture at all times and in all situations is in some form of slavery (i.e. psychological, religious, physical, oppression, sex colonialism, etc.). They are sexually colonized.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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