Saturday – Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We all live in a community, but do we all live as a community. The answer will be no. We have to know our community leaders and what plans they have for our community and how they plan on help us improve our community.

Speak to your community leaders and ask them questions about events for the community, suggest events that you feel will better your community. Don’t just think that they have the answers. Attend community meetings and if you aren’t sure where they are held or who’s in charge, ask those questions first. Every community should have an association or leaders who assist with things needed in the community or assistance with people in the community. They should be able to provide you with assistance or give you information on where to go to get it if you they don’t provide a specific.

If there is none for your community go to your local church and ask questions of how they deal with the community. Go to local stores and ask them the same thing. Go to the city and find out how to get a community association going for your community. Remember though it isn’t just for your block, it is for your community. Find out the radius of your community and walk it, take notes of the things that you see that is wrong or need to change in your community. Get to know who lives in your community because you may have a great support system but them themselves may not have known how to get things going as well. We cannot rely on others to make our community a better place it starts with the people who live in those communities to help themselves and then others will show interest.

Get those unwanted intruders out of your community. Rid your community of infestation. Help your elderly live longer and teach the young manners and respect. Show the elected officials you care about your community even when they don’t. Revitalize your community and make jobs available where they weren’t before. Pay someone to keep grass cut; rake leaves; clean the sidewalks, back alleys; place trash cans on the corners for those passing through. If they see your neighborhood is clean they will try to keep it that way. Keep abandon houses up so vagrants believe someone live there and will not want to do more damage to them. A clean and beautiful neighborhood is a healthy and thriving neighborhood.

Better communities plus better communication equals better life for all who lives there. #GetInvolved #VillageCry

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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