The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 5

Goddess Evening Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Blacks people of the world know there is a:

E – Evolution of frenemies that plague our communities

V – Violence that is forced upon us by those who fear us.

I – Injustice that will never be brought to justice because justice isn’t meant for us.

L – Longing to be like us but hate us at the same time.

You tell me who is the enemy here, “society” or the blacks community?  Seriously, I’m thinking “society” is the problem as well as the enemy that is against the black community.  If we allow them the strength, that they think that have, then we continue to fall victim to their false power as well as promises to the black communities.  We as black people need to gather together and redesign our thoughts and direct our steps for a better life.  Where is our love and strength to ensure the continuation of our own people?  Gone!  Why, because “society” has planted the whole idea of hatred in our psyche.  “Society” continue to sell hatred in the black communities by introducing their drugs and racism by employment as well as other factors, but we have to open our eyes and minds to what is being said.  They aren’t even trying to sugar coated it any longer.  They are giving you the facts and telling you exactly what you can and cannot do as a family, in your own home and your life.  This weakens the family bond in the black communities by 80%.

A family’s bond is made up of the strength of the black man in the home, the encouragement and love of the woman who nurtures the household, the understanding and educating of the child/ren that is taught and received.  We look to the black woman for everything, and then some, when it comes to the problems and hurt in a family.  We rely on the love from the black woman to guide the family and, if not, the bond is torn.

Why are these my first consideration of the bond, because, if a man is strong in his stance, belief, family values, work, discipline, love and judgement, his decision to stay in the home cannot be replaced, and he shall not be removed from his family.

Encouragement from a good woman strengthens the whole household.  A man will never stand alone with encouragement from his woman.  She will empower him and restore the faith in their relationship wherein, “society” has ripped out of him.

Love for her family is an indestructible force to be reckoned with from any direction.  A woman’s love is so powerful it can make and break a man or house if there isn’t a strong man in the picture or a lack of encouragement with a hint of disbelief in her judgement.  Let me clarify what I am saying here.  If she doesn’t believe in you and what you stand for there is no way you will stay with her unless you are weak minded.  A weak man will fall for anything and stand for nothing.  These are the same people that teaches the child/ren they conceive. What you teach your children is very important to the growth of their minds, body, soul and spirit.  What you show them will be embedded in their psyche forever.  What they learn outside the home should always be a discussion not a debate.  If you debate them on what they have learned out in the street, they will evaluate that notion as a road to see where it goes.  If you discuss all the avenues to what they believe to be true then they will understand more and have a clear understanding that, that road isn’t one they should travel.  There should always be rules and boundaries to follow and not to cross.  I say this because parents make rules but then bend them because of certain situation but if you stand strong in your ruling then they will know that this isn’t a breakable rule.  Children’s perception of what you teach them depends on your delivery.  When conversing with your children let them know the difference between and a serious parent and a fun-loving parent.  They will however choose the fun-loving parent all the time but know when the serious parent is in their presence.  

We as people has the tendency of preaching but not practicing.  Children watches everything you do, so be careful of what, when, and where you conduct unsavory business.  When you show them the unsavory side of you, they will think that you are phony and do shady things when they aren’t around.  They will look at you in a very different light.  They might still love you but that trust is out the door and is very side eyed.  They may fear you but they still have a second thought when it comes to trusting you only because you showed them a different side of you from which they have no business seeing in the beginning.  Yes, I understand that you are the parent and do what the hell you want to as long as you are the one that provides.  Let’s look at it like this!

When your child/ren aren’t around you want them to behave the same way they do when you are around, correct!  We also want the morals and values we teach to be practiced not only to us but to other adults and in other places when we aren’t in their presence, also correct!  Then if you start to show them different then when they aren’t in your presence those types of actions will be the unsavory, disrespect and discipline that you see other children do in the streets.  You know the ones that makes you say, “I wish like hell my child/ren would act like that out in these streets,” or “If I was their parents they would act like that because I don’t play with mine,” or my personal favorite “Where’s their parent and who is raising these children?”  Well these are the children that is in doubt of how to be a child or how to behave because of either what they weren’t shown or what they are being taught or there a lack of.

As we know words have power so when you say things hurtful or misleading, you redirect children faith in the family household.  You weaken the bond that hold the family together.  You leave room for unwarranted actions that leads to consequences of hurt and hatred.  A plaque that cannot be removed by one person.  If you are damming them like “society” does or deny them a future also like “society” does then they will become exactly what you have created in them hate, but mostly towards you. Remember children are thinkers as well, maybe not on an adult level but they will one day and sooner than you know.  Keep that in mind when you are address them and their issues.  Let’s think back when we were children their ages and our parents told us we don’t have nerves or aren’t old enough to have problems, but within ourselves we believe that we had these issues and now your children are experiencing similar things.   We need to listen and understand from where we were when we were their age.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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