The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 2.

Goddess Morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High!

Let’s be honest for a moment, for most of us; our childhood at home was not as good as it could have been but our childhood growing up outside of the home was great.  I can kind of dig where these children of today are coming from but I can’t understand where the parent’s minds are in raising them. This is how we got stuck in today’s era, forgetting to be the person raising our children.  We can birth them but we are taught that we don’t have to raise them; that “society” will do that part for us and once again we fell right in their trap.  We are committing our own demise because we only can see what is in front of us and not what is behind, on the side or what is to become of us in the long run.  This is how our future looks, bleak.   

We have let go and allowed “society” to raise our children but we got comfortable with the idea that there is no such thing as a strong black family or community anymore.  The strong black family morals and values was just a figurative of our imagination.  I know we may have had some rough time but there was morals and values being taught to us, but now?  We just get in where we fit in and if we don’t, we check out.  This the grand design, to get us out of the way.  They so want to be us that they killed our ancestor and took over what they had and lived as they were.  They are becoming so like us and we are wanting and needing to be like them that it is causing our own demise.  Where is the strong black families, that use to go to war for what they birth into this world?  Where is the moms and dads that was raising their children with respect for their own kind?  What happened to the community bond that we are our neighbor’s keeper?  Where have the elders gone with Our-history for our children?  Why isn’t our real story being told?  Because they can’t afford to have it told, if it was and we believe it, they wouldn’t be able to control our way of thinking anymore or our movement.

So “society” has concluded that this type of living was too powerful for just one culture so they considered this way of life is too dangerous.  What did the average black family do, they ignored the social hype and went on with life as it was.  Then you have the others who started to believe that there is no such thing as a powerful black family. What lies they tell or believe in within their own minds or with someone whispering it in their ear?  When they got some of us, they knew it was only a matter of time before they could control all of us.  Their plans were working and ours were failing.

People is always putting black folks down and trying their best to destroy what we have or want in life.  In order for you to kill our dreams you must first destroy our minds and they are trying their best to do so.  “Society” came up with all types of ways to kill the black community’s dreams and hopes.  We became so caught up in what they said, that we lost faith in ourselves and our communities.  We were no longer communicating nor watching over the next family nor their child/ren.  We stop being the village and caring about our own kind.  We even started fighting among ourselves, hating on what the next person wanted out of life and learning to kill other people dreams.  We were no longer supportive of the blacks own and operated businesses, which led to the demise of black own businesses.  They figured if they couldn’t do it from the outside/in then they will start from inside/out.  They did exactly that.  They had us dead from the first time they stepped foot on this land of ours.  They want us to believe that we are not of this land but in reality, we are of all the lands in the world.  We are the people of the world and they need to get right of the originals so they can copy us and live like us but without us.

We as a community were doomed from the start if “society” had anything to do with it.  They had years of practice and years of planning to destroy the original human race.  They been controlling us since we can remember and even before then.  They live for our demise so they can be happy.  It is like the movie “Trolls.”  The only way they can be happy is to eat us, kill us, and take what is rightful ours, our lives.  If they can’t have it right away, they must make us miserable until they can have total control of what we have.  They don’t know of happiness because they can’t imagine being poor and happy.  Look we had or have nothing, yet we were the happiest people on the planet.  They couldn’t understand how, why, or even when.  Because they have done everything in their power to make sure that wasn’t a factor. 

They gave us lies and told us it was the truth.  They poison us and told us they have a cure.  They beaten us and told us it was for own sake or because of our own doing.  They split us up and divided us, but still couldn’t conquer us, because we made love and peace with whoever and wherever we were.  This made them upset.  Their plan had a flaw and they needed to fix it immediately.  How?  They had to lessen the Black male in the family, they had to loosen the glue, then they would be able to drive the wedge in between the rest of the family.    

Black on black crime started but that was what “society” wanted for us.  Most of us stayed positive and said the hell with what “society” wants.  We will not fall victim to hatred for our own people.  Others, however, fell victim, creating a turmoil of events leading to today’s modern-day slaying of black on black murders.  This makes no sense whatsoever.  With all the black men gone then the black woman is left vulnerable to “society” to defend for the family left behind as well as herself.  If we aren’t surviving “society” with you all here then how are we to survive “society” with you all gone?  Think black men!  We were though, but barely.  “Society” didn’t think on black women being strong willed or minded.  They were praying that we will fall, but all we did was limp.  We may have needed our black strong men but we still had them spiritual with us.  “Society” had to find a way to break that spirit and mold us into haters for the black man. 

They did! They are always at the drawing board with new ideas on the black family or black family demise.  They knew even still with the male figure out of the picture that the black woman wouldn’t be able to raise a strong black male on her own, or so they thought.  The black male has always and will always be the primary target.  Why you ask?  Without them their fight is less of a strain or so they think.  They are realizing that the women of color are stronger than they realized.  They need us hate our black men but they weren’t sure how.  They had to allow the women of color to think that “society’s” male was better for us.  Even after all the harsh and nasty, trifling things they did to our ancestors.  They need us to believe that he is now a provider, a protector, a nurturing soul, a great lover, and an asset to have in the home.  Black women got sucked into the materialistic propaganda and hype of not needing a strong black male in the home or a black male period. 

False, fictional, and lies if I as a strong black woman ever heard of such.  The black man didn’t think so, because “society” pushed real freedom in his ear.  You don’t have to take care of those babies, you don’t have to pay bills, nor have any responsibilities for a matter of fact of any kind.  So, they left some on their own, some by force of “society” and others by the very woman who needs him.  You can’t say you love us and then leave us or take another blacks man from one of us.  You can’t declare us strong black women and then kill us as well.  You, black men are doing the most but doing the least.  The crime on blacks stems both from “society” as well as our own. 

Why is it that we can’t see the truth? Is it because we rather settle for the lies and not fight for the truth or because the truth hurts more then you are willing to admit?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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