The Family Bond! Chapter 1..Segment 1.

Goddess Morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High!

Chapter 1.  FAMILY

F – Functional on one accord but as individuals

A – Allies that stand together against any enemy that threatens their well-being.

M – Members of an elite background that is untamable.

I – Individuals with different personalities to make up a group.

L – Love that is unbreakable, undeniable, and comforting

Y – Yearning to achieve goals beyond life.

When I think of family, I think of a certain bond that a group of people hold dear to their hearts

V – Visions for a better life, love, and way of living it.

A – Affiliation by blood, friendship, the past, and love.

L – Life adjustments that conforms to their needs.

U – Unique talents that bring an unbreakable bond.

E – Equalities that immortalize their souls

S – Standards of morals that differentiates blacks from other cultures.

To people of color, family means way more than that definition.   As a black woman growing up in Baltimore City, Maryland and as most would like to call it Bodymore, or Bloodymore, Murderland, family meant so much more than a group of people. To me it was about growth and knowing who you can turn to in a crisis or when you just needed someone in that corner to have your back.  It was about family quality time at the table for dinner or in front of the television for a special show.  Family gatherings for birthdays, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Even right there we were lied to, to believe that these holidays meant something to people of color but they don’t.  I am not going in on them right now but a little later. Even still we use those days to bring families of color together and united as one, even if it was for just twenty-four hours.  We had unity!  That must have killed the massive knowing we can come together for even a small portion of time.  They know this isn’t part of their plan.

I could remember as a child that Baltimore City streets was a safe haven for us because the community watched over us. Yeah everywhere has violence and Baltimore was no different but it was almost silent. There were warning signs or just warnings when danger was in site for us children. Believe it or not most of the time we were told to go in the house or get away from the area. Then the violence would happen. There was a code of honor that all women and children weren’t to be harmed. That’s not the case any longer. This was the era of block parties, clean streets, and fun in the streets. We could ride our bikes for hours and nothing happened, or play hide-n-go-seek, catch one-catch all, dodge ball, block ball, double-dutch, red light-green light, laser tag and tag football. This was the era of street cheering, love and peace. This was all before reality struck and for many people, we didn’t want to believe that we were poor nor being lied to but we were. As long as we had each other we weren’t living poor, but they had to show us that we were poor. They had to make sure that we knew of our less fortune and make us hate and dislike being poor. How you ask? Well I tell you they made the same fashion you already couldn’t afford less affordable. Then they put people of color in your face and told us if we couldn’t afford it then you were poor. We jumped right in the circle and didn’t care what was in it. Then they did something so diabolical that it almost killed the black children spirits as it was, they put white children in the same fashion they were pushing through the ghetto. They knew that if they made white children look better than black then of course the black ghetto children would do anything to have it. Did we? Yes, we did. We were brainwashed and they had us and the artist we looked up to hooked, line and sinker. We fought like hell to get a piece of the dream and didn’t care who we hurt in the process or how we got it. We had to have it! That wasn’t all; we had to have it now! Playing on the minds of those who parents couldn’t afford it or didn’t do anything to get it themselves. Did we play into Society’s hands? Of course, we did. They wanted want hate and destruction in the ghetto and it didn’t take much to get it considering we didn’t have much to begin with. All we had was our happiness and peace; they stole that from us like thief in the night. Did it take much? No, it didn’t, all it took was the thing we held onto the most in our leisure time and that was television. Once it was on T.V. it had to be real and then when it became reality, we would do everything to have it. Even if that means neglect our responsibilities to get, hurt the next to have it, or steal; which they were hoping we would do.

It is amazing how organized they are but we as black people will fall right into place but refuse to go against what we think is useless or wrong, because as long as “Society” says it is okay then it has to be right. Right? Wrong! We are taught right from wrong based on their system of what is right and what is wrong. Based on what they stole from us in the beginning. They believe that slavery was wrong so it can teach us right. Bullshit, they believe they were justifiably right, when we know it was wrong. If hitting and beating is wrong then why did you all beat it in us? Because we were as submissive as they needed us to be. They needed us to be at war with ourselves about what they were doing was right even if deep down inside we knew it was wrong.

We as black people are in search of peace even though we cannot remember being at peace.  Since forever we have had other races invade us and violently decided to enslave us and now, we are doing the same thing.  We make it hard for our children to come outside and play, our elderly to sit on the front, our women to go out by themselves, and our men targets to our own people.  We are now our own slave owners and why because our ancestors became submissive to the massive even when they didn’t want to.  It was either do so or death.  I could see how death would change a person mind on being submissive or cooperating to some extinct.  A person’s demise will change anyone thought process to what the captive needs it to be.    

We have become prisoners in our own homes, communities, as well as our own lives, just to survive the streets of Baltimore City, not to mention Maryland. These streets have become no safe haven nor a place to call home, and as for family I can’t remember the last time I could call someone who wasn’t DNA related “family.” I remember growing up and literally calling everyone I grew up with cousin or some sort of family because we were being raised by the communities in which we played. I could remember my parents and other people on the block or blocks I traveled watching out for me from the time I left my house to the time I returned. But here lately, if you dare try to be the watch out now you are a pervert or a predator, because “society” has frightened us into this lifestyle. I’m going to have to relive some of my childhood and most of my adult life in order for you all to understand where I am coming from. This is not going to be a pretty picture and some will have an attitude but the truth is the truth and it will need no support.

We as blacks people hate to be told the truth or what is what, if is not appealing to our needs or wants.  Well in real life we don’t always get what we want, we are barely getting what we need and that because we don’t want to sacrifice things to get ahead.  The things we do sacrifice is the very things we shouldn’t or the things we mostly need, but value the least.  Our value for the materialistic things is far more significant and what we value we dare but to sacrifice because we are afraid of losing them.  That makes no sense at all!   We definitely have to do better but it is programmed into us because “society” and mainstream media has made it hard for us not realize this is not of us but of them.  We have been wired to believe that what we have isn’t enough based on what they have.  We will do everything in our power to have what they have when they are trying their best to save what they have by minimizing their standards to where we are.  They are moving right in our neighborhoods and living how we are living but with the money they save from convincing us to spend ours.  I can see we aren’t paying attention. 

First, they rob us of our land which they had to have. Then they can’t keep it up so they enslave us to take care of our own land. Next, they promise us our land and mules back when they are done with it. Last but not least they charge us to get what was rightfully ours to begin with. Hold up! We fell for it. When we or shall I say our ancestors received our land back or was sold our land back they thought they did something but in reality, they got duped and paid to get duped. Now that is strategy for your asses. The massive is sneaky and they do it right in your face though because they know we aren’t thinking as a whole and that they have divided us enough to know that we aren’t going to investigate it at all. The aboriginals are the original owners of the continent in which we call North America or the United States. In fact, all of our history as we know it is a lie. We are taught lies so we can teach our children the same lies that we were forced to learn in order to be considered educated.

I have seen it, wherein a person will give up their house but keep their car. I have seen people give up their children to keep their “significant” other.  I have seen people give up their job but not their lifestyle.  Where in the hell does any of this make senses?  Then we point those lovely fingers of ours to the wrong people and try to push the guilt.  These are the things that is taught to us because materialistic things are the most significant so we won’t be able to see the truth for what it really is, and that family is the most significant. 

If I’m lying say so? I know that some will disagree and insert their reason for such but remember this everyone opinion matters until it is deemed insignificant to the other person. Meaning someone might value your opinion until they don’t anymore. Have a great day.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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