Closed Off (Poem)

I can give you everything from love to understanding, morals to value.
The earth is for you to explore, for it has no boundaries.
I can go to the highest of levels for you to protect you.
There is no place you can go and I wouldn’t love you as much, if you were right here beside me.
The depth of our connections is beyond that of a normal.
The journey we face whether together or apart is unmeasurable.
The roads we cross will be our pleasure because we’ll do it together.
Obstacles we laugh at them because there is none we cannot overcome.
But when you refuse me and reject me, you and I can handle nothing together.
Our morals and values are on different levels.
Love and understanding is up for questioning.
The earth becomes just a city you don’t want to explore at all.
Going the distance begins to look like more than we can handle.
Distance between us begins to hinder our love for each other,
We talk about nothing because we have nothing to say, but argue about everything.
Our connection is no more for there is something hindering our force.
We no longer can see the path we started, so the journey is now lost.
There are now forks in the road and we are undecided of the correct road to take.
We are now our own obstacles and in each others way.
It has to end and I mean today.
We cannot continue this a way for our bond is stronger than this for we are all we have, there is no other.
Sharing each others life is all we know, so in love, is how we grow.
Join me once again in becoming the best of friends.
I love you until eternity is no more for this is not us so let’s be friends once more

Dedication: My children is all I have til I have nothing else. But when they act like the rest of my family, I rather be by myself.


Deep inside of my nature you discover my wilderness. It is like a new found creation. Oh my word you are a great explorer and I’m just the specimens to explore. Dig deep for there is no boundaries when you are the seeker. Enjoy my caves, volcanoes, oceans, and historical landmarks.

Real People

Why is the world made up of fake, phony ass people? If your not real with yourself there is no way you can keep it real with anyone else. If you are just so out of touch with reality and really live in a fantasy world; I suggest you get as much help as possible.
No one wants to deal with the truth even when they ask for it. So when dealing with people who asks you to keep it real with them remember real to them is a fantasy! So gather yourself, take long deep breaths and walk away, because they really don’t want to hear what you have to say they just want you to feel pity for them and nurture their feels! But in the real world life just doesn’t happen like that, you either take what is being said into consideration or you can just go and fuck yourself! Which in real life you are going to do anyway, so why look for lies, because you can’t handle the truth!



We as humans go through a lot of changes but not all is good and not all is bad! Some people change for themselves other to please someone else!

Why do people who say they love you want you to change? Who would they like for you to change into and why? If they love you why do they want you to change? How can they say they love you and then ask you to change?

When you say you love someone you love all of them not some of them! If it is just a part of them then you don’t love them at all just obsessed with that part of them not love or just pure lust.
When a person say they need to change they change something about their self that would be pleasing to them! Some even change everything from religion to what they eat, their career to lifestyle. Self preservation is your preference but when it is someone else who wants you to change and you are comfortable with yourself; it controlling! Live life for you before you can live it for another!



Well love is a tricky situation! It can be a easy road or a bumpy hard road depends on the people involved. Not all romances, relationships, marriages or dating situations begin with excitement or friendship. Some happen by chance, but end up being the best for both parties and then you have those ones that end in pure hell! You rather for that person to die then to be happy! Why is that? Why is it when a couple parts on bad terms it turns out in bloody situations wherein someone has to get hurt? Why not in peace?