Snitching Issues

We as parents need to be most concern when our children doesn’t want to be considered a snitch. But let evaluate the no snitching or no telling rule.
Your child has been rape by a close friend, family member, or boyfriend. But she dare to tell you because she hear you saying no snitching! Wow now your child’s life is so fucked up because not only did she not tell but she has contracted a disease or is pregnant but you are so out of touch with reality all you hear is, Ma or Dad I’m pregnant!
Ok again you son witnessed the attack on his sister but he too cannot say because, well once again there is a no snitching rule in your house because you honor the streets no than your own family. So what do he do he takes it upon himself to help his sister out and kills this person. You are so dumb you say your child went hard but he cannot tell you why he has done what he has done. All you know is he has done it.  Now he’s in jail for life for taking a life when it all could have been avoided had you just been a parent and not a coward. You have literally lost two children to the streets and in life because there is no snitching.
Your daughter and son turns on you and wishes harm comes you way. But can you blame them there was no one there for them when they need you. They are hurting so they believe in their heart of hearts that you are the enemy not the streets.
Where in life does any parent allow such a thing to happen then they themselves are dysfunctional and is in need of some serious help. Lord help the child who is living in such ruins and dysfunction as such!
In my house tell everything because I want to know everything. I refuse to have a family scared to live because of predictors, cowards, drug dealers, boys, girls, bully’s, junkies, addicts, rapist, molesters, or anyone else. If they have done something and you know its wrong tell me I’ll snitch for you because your mother is your protector and God is hers.
Another case

your family member (child, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent) was just murdered by a random person but people on the block knows who done it. You want to know but no one is telling because they refuse to snitch. Your family is hurting suffering. You hear that the lady around the way knows who done it, you go to her but she’s not saying a word.
The no snitching rule doesn’t make much sense now to you because you really needs some help with catching the person responsible.
Your family member has been adducted and there is witnesses bu they honor the code of the street, no snitching! You plead with them but no one is saying!
Tell me what sense does it make for you to have to suffer if you don’t have to. Please think carefully before you honor such dumb, stupid codes! Someone’s life could be hanging in the balance. Just imagine if the shoes or situations was yours, what would you want to happen or would do?


God’s People

The world has been on killing sprees since the beginning of time, but lately its been even more senseless!
God gave Eve a gift to birth the world which means all woman would have this ability or so it seems. God gave Adam tasks to father the children of the world, husband his wife, love his children, and take care of home.
Then the children of the world got out of hand and God flooded the world killing everyone except for Noah and his family, which are Adam and Eve most obedient child or children. Once Noah did as commanded, God seen fit for him and his family to continue to birth the world. So life and procreation goes on with a promise from God never to flood the world again.
Well as it turns out God’s people is back to being out of control; with senseless violence on their own families, on each other, on strangers, and more. Crime is up and morals and values is down.
The bible teaches us morals and values, directions, respect, love, cherish, but also has taught us violence and how not to end up.
We know if you choose the wrong path in which to follow death isn’t far behind. So why would you want to end someone else’s life knowing tragic will strike your family?
It never said that you yourself would be the one to suffer it just said death would follow! Why is it that someone else pays for your crime, your mistake, your wrong? Then have the audacity to get upset with God, when he already said what you put out in the universe will come back times ten!
So where is it written or even right for one person to take the life of another person? Judge not unless ye be judged! Do unto others as you shall have them do unto you! Give respect and it shall be given back! Kill and ye shall be killed! We hunt and kill to eat but murder is just that murder!
God’s people, we need to get it together because our days of reckoning is coming wherein we will be judge by one and carried by six. So who will be the first to say enough is enough? I will! No more violence, name calling, disrespect, lies, hatred, racism, destruction, or murder in my life. From now on I only want love, respect, peace, joy, happiness, constructiveness, truth, prosperity in my world, life, and home.
For I know there will always be violence in mankind because we’re not perfect but enough is really enough!
It is so bad our kids have no boundaries, no hope for the future. They are not being taught how to live, they’re being taught how to survive, but if living isn’t surviving what is it! People act like this world was made to bottle them up and swallow them. The world cannot be their oyster if they are afraid of living that the only thing they must do is survive. In this world today the sky is no longer the limit it isn’t even reachable.
Pay attention people for we are destroying our own lives, no one has to do it for you any longer. You will hang yourself because of your ignorance, hatred to mankind, your disrespect for life, your self righteous morals and unvalued ways.
Believe in one thing if your believe in nothing else; you are your own enemy, but God still loves you!
Learn what history has taught you so it can stop repeating itself and start a new

No Support


I have came to the realization that most people will not support good positive issues, events, and situations that will enhance careers, the environment, or enrich the quality of life. But they will support crime, hatred, dysfunctional behavior, rumors, and lies because it drawls attention from others.

Why must God’s people act so out of character?

Well let’s evaluate the situation! Most people are unsure of how to deal with life unless there is chaos involved. We as people were suppose to evolve; our technology is but our mindset isn’t. Let’s see there is no right without there being wrong. Without in there is no out. Without light there could be no dark, without day there’s no night. Without good there’s no bad, there could be no hot without cold, no sinners without saints. Understanding how the world works will lead to better behavior and management of this world. So honestly without the man there could be no woman and without God there would be no devil or any of the odds to the evens in this world.

Sexual conflict


I am in touch with myself all the way around and can identify with who I am. For some people that is a battle within itself. Life as they want it is a conflict of interest but not to him or herself but to others around them. Most people who live double lives are only trying to protect another’s feelings. Then there are people who live in secrecy to protect their lives and the lives of their love ones.
It is never fair for someone to have to live their live in the dark because society is unacceptable to who and how they want to live. The more society fights it the harder they push to live their secret life. Then when they are ready to live life as they think they should the bible comes into play. Honestly the bible should come into play because even that life style is in the bible. It may not be looked upon as right but nevertheless its there.
Contradicting as it is it is spoken in the bible. Just like it is a constitutional amendment #9 right to be gay. No one can stop you from being gay, bi-sexual, lesbian, or any other sexual origin you want to be, they just have to learn to accept you as a human being. Because at the end of the day you are still going to be whoever you wan to be and the only being you will need to justify yourself to is God almighty.
So live life as you should or as you desire as long as its not hurting anyone or causing anyone else physical harm, do you!  

Love Story

Caught in a whirlwind of seduction, my head spinning out of control.
Dancing like there’s no one to see, on a cloud he dances with me.
Holding birth for the first time, born innocent to sin but not out of it.
Perfect tune playing so we’ll know of the feelings we are encountering.
Pieces of joy we so strongly steal just to have moments of silence.
Calm winds slide down our spine, chills deep within our soul.
Goosebumps creeps over our skin.
Clinching each others hand ever so tight.
Drawing bodies closer until the embrace is inseparable.
Feel the breath of your love upon your neck.
Wanting to kiss those lips but don’t.
So close but still not close enough.
Shy away from those eyes, a look that could melt you.
Steal a glance just to be sure they are there.
Waiting the right moment for a touch to mean so much.
Reaching sightfully into their soul to see right through them.
Finding your lives are as one, but lived as two.
Gracefully swaying side to side, the motion begins.
Passion fuels the body to continue on.
Dropping to your knees while tears run down your face.
Emotions run high, but still no words are spoken.
Body language tells it all.
The story of love
The desire to help will only strengthen what has taken place.
A hand extended as a guide to follow.
A look so gentle, trust is not an issue.
Stand strong to finish what you have started.
Glide your way to success.
Brushing away any and all doubts of finishing last.
Encouraging all hope of being number one.
A smile is upon your face as laughter fills your heart.
There is nothing that can stop this feeling.
But at last time has past and now separation must be, for the Love Story has to end for both you and me.

Relationship problems

Ok scenario:

A happy loving couple who is in a long distance relationship is having difficulties loving each other the way they should. One lives in Connecticut and the other in Washington, D.C.  They would love nothing more than to be together but both lives are hatched. Money isn’t a issue but time is!

So what should my happy but lonely and sad couple do about their situation?



As I lay here with my legs spread wide, the smile on my face shows my pride.
The wetness of my mouth, the swirl in my hips, the arch in my back, the passion in my eyes.
The lust in my grind, my hands caressing my soul.
My imagination to hot to hold to bold to scold.
What is this I feel, my sexuality is to be revealed.
The darkness of my berries, the fruit of my loins.
The scent of my breath, the beating of my heart.
Pressure is released, walls are torn down, cream is of essence.
Mm what a taste of pleasure!
My sexuality is mine all mine
What man deserve this much attention?
My tears of joy, the smell of seduction in the air.
My pulse race as my sound of maturity grows, hotter, faster and louder.
The noise is heard around the world thumping on the sound barrier.
Everyone is saying listen to her!
I can hear her sexuality coming through clear and with authority.
Oh please me! Please me! This is my sexuality!

Election time

Well its almost time for we the people to change the congressional party as well as our presidential candidate.

Let’s see everyone wants President Obama out of office but I am not one of those people. I’m guessing everyone forgot how angry and upset they were when Bush was in office! How suggestively criticizing when Bush started a war over weapons of mass destruction but there were none found. How devastated they were when they twin towers felt on September 11, 2001! May the families, friends, and emergency service workers rest in peace, with a special condolences to their families, friends, and fellow co-workers. You are dearly missed!
Then came Mr. Barack Obama with plans to change America, from hate for leaders to understanding of how the government really works. He is fighting for change with our health care system, trying to bring jobs lost to overseas back to the American people, fix Social Security, and the one thing everyone wants gone Welfare reform. Let’s ponder there for a minute if they had done away with it, right now so many Americans would have died! In this depression that Bush hat started Welfare has been a great help to so many people!
But his fellow Americans couldn’t see how when all they was concerned about was themselves! As we can see that really doesn’t work out to well for people “selfishness” never has been the answer to anything. Sacrifice is the answer you have to give up something of no value to receive everything of value. Materialist value is nothing compared to family, moral and ethnic values. “See that you gave up one thing and received three things!”
So when you go to the polls think principles, issues, concerns and if you candidate stands for all you value in life then vote for that person but if they don’t find one that does!

Closed Off (Poem)

I can give you everything from love to understanding, morals to value.
The earth is for you to explore, for it has no boundaries.
I can go to the highest of levels for you to protect you.
There is no place you can go and I wouldn’t love you as much, if you were right here beside me.
The depth of our connections is beyond that of a normal.
The journey we face whether together or apart is unmeasurable.
The roads we cross will be our pleasure because we’ll do it together.
Obstacles we laugh at them because there is none we cannot overcome.
But when you refuse me and reject me, you and I can handle nothing together.
Our morals and values are on different levels.
Love and understanding is up for questioning.
The earth becomes just a city you don’t want to explore at all.
Going the distance begins to look like more than we can handle.
Distance between us begins to hinder our love for each other,
We talk about nothing because we have nothing to say, but argue about everything.
Our connection is no more for there is something hindering our force.
We no longer can see the path we started, so the journey is now lost.
There are now forks in the road and we are undecided of the correct road to take.
We are now our own obstacles and in each others way.
It has to end and I mean today.
We cannot continue this a way for our bond is stronger than this for we are all we have, there is no other.
Sharing each others life is all we know, so in love, is how we grow.
Join me once again in becoming the best of friends.
I love you until eternity is no more for this is not us so let’s be friends once more

Dedication: My children is all I have til I have nothing else. But when they act like the rest of my family, I rather be by myself.


Deep inside of my nature you discover my wilderness. It is like a new found creation. Oh my word you are a great explorer and I’m just the specimens to explore. Dig deep for there is no boundaries when you are the seeker. Enjoy my caves, volcanoes, oceans, and historical landmarks.

Real People

Why is the world made up of fake, phony ass people? If your not real with yourself there is no way you can keep it real with anyone else. If you are just so out of touch with reality and really live in a fantasy world; I suggest you get as much help as possible.
No one wants to deal with the truth even when they ask for it. So when dealing with people who asks you to keep it real with them remember real to them is a fantasy! So gather yourself, take long deep breaths and walk away, because they really don’t want to hear what you have to say they just want you to feel pity for them and nurture their feels! But in the real world life just doesn’t happen like that, you either take what is being said into consideration or you can just go and fuck yourself! Which in real life you are going to do anyway, so why look for lies, because you can’t handle the truth!



We as humans go through a lot of changes but not all is good and not all is bad! Some people change for themselves other to please someone else!

Why do people who say they love you want you to change? Who would they like for you to change into and why? If they love you why do they want you to change? How can they say they love you and then ask you to change?

When you say you love someone you love all of them not some of them! If it is just a part of them then you don’t love them at all just obsessed with that part of them not love or just pure lust.
When a person say they need to change they change something about their self that would be pleasing to them! Some even change everything from religion to what they eat, their career to lifestyle. Self preservation is your preference but when it is someone else who wants you to change and you are comfortable with yourself; it controlling! Live life for you before you can live it for another!



Well love is a tricky situation! It can be a easy road or a bumpy hard road depends on the people involved. Not all romances, relationships, marriages or dating situations begin with excitement or friendship. Some happen by chance, but end up being the best for both parties and then you have those ones that end in pure hell! You rather for that person to die then to be happy! Why is that? Why is it when a couple parts on bad terms it turns out in bloody situations wherein someone has to get hurt? Why not in peace?