When Murders are Justified by: Manifest Da God

When murder’s are justified

“Chapters One”



“Look muthafucka, if you have some money then and only then can get’cha dick sucked. You don’t have no money to get’cha shit and get outta my house.”

I sat in the middle bedroom and listened to my mother Bridgette Evans as she argued with the guy Dano. I never seen Dano before tonight and he was older than the last six or seven guys that momma had leave out the back door. Dano was married which made shit crazy to me. It’s really crazy how married men come to me and momma to spend their hard earned money on our good pussy.

   My son Jasmine,momma, and I lived in the two story row house in the 1600 block of Mura Street in east Baltimore. It wasn’t a big luxurious house but it was home to us. Anyone with little to no sight at all could see what momma and I were doing to survive in the unfriendly world. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard as hell growing up in the city of Baltimore without a father figure. As soon as it was discovered that i was going through puberty momma taught me what to use to get what I wanted, and that was sex. When I was a little younger than what I am now i used to get teased about my mother’s beauty declining. People would say shit like “ol’man Bridgette went from the baddest broad on the block to the saddest broad on the block.” I didn’t see it though. In my minds she still was the short, petite, brown skin, bombshell that i always known her to be. Despite the few bumps and bruises that she obtained from my dad putting his hands on her she still look good. My momma is all that and more. My thoughts of momma were broken by the guy Dano leaving the house. He was ugly as hell. I don’t think that i would be sucking on his dick either. I don’t blame momma for cursing his ass out.

      “Kellie” momma called from the front room.

I sat down my crossword puzzle book and walked to her bedroom. When i walked in her room a wave of funk hit me right in the nose. I covered my nose immediately.

“Damn ma, it stink in here.” I said as I began to cough.

“I guess it does stink in this bitch. This is want it smell like when ain’t wash ya’pussy in four whole days. One of my big spending clients like it like that.

   “Well you need to get rid of that client and wash ya’pussy.” I said in almost a whisper.

The smell from her pussy was awful. It smell like a mixture of cat piss and dumpster juice. I never smelled a stitch like that in my entire life. The more air that I breathed in the more sick I felt. It’s a goddamn shame for me, a grown ass women pussy to smell like hers. It’s more of a shame for a grown ass man to enjoy the smell. Niggas is weird.

    “Anyway, speaking of pussy, how much have you sold? I hope that you got some money.”

She was about to become highly upset with me.It was written all over her face. She had that I knew look in her eyes. It was as if she could tell what was about to come out of my mouth.

“Ma, I don’t have any money. I’m going to get some though.”

“Fuck you mean you ain’t got no money? Bitch you know damn well you gotta help to maintain this roof over our head. The rent is due real soon.”

“Momma, I’ma do something just give me a little time.”

    “Time ain’t what we got Kellie. The damn landlord don’t want to hear that time shit, that nigga goin’ want his money. You gotta get up, get out, and get something.”

“I turned and left momma room. I walked into the back room where jasmine laid in his crib asleep. He always put my mind at ease. I named Jasmine after one of the guys whom i assumed to be his father. It  sounds crazy, but I think any woman would’ve done the same if she had a night like I had a little over two year ago. I walking with two of my closet homegirls Ciara and Maria down in Ciara neighborhood which is also in east Baltimore. We were looking good as usual, you know dressed to impress and some’ mo shit….. looking as good as we were attracted us lots of attention. A group of guys that were standing on the corner a block away from Cee house had called for us to stop walking. Loving the attention we waited up for them. We each had a man of our own in our face. The guy that came up to me began asking the usual questions what’s my name, where i’m from and all of that, etc. I answered most of his questions with lies. I did that because he was all up in my personal business and I didn’t even know him a full ten minutes. I can’t front though he was sexy, brown skin, bald head, slim box of goodies. Anyway, he pulled me aside from everyone and asked me if i’d like to go home with him. i said no but my facial expression must’ve been telling him that i would go home with him if i didn’t have my girls with me. I was really feeling that way. He then snatched my purse, ran, and had the nerve to tell me to chase him. I really didn’t want to do the childish shit but to get my purse back I fed in to his bullshit. He ran up the steps to some abandoned looking house and stood in the vestibule. He turned towards me and said if i wanted my purse back i’d have to come inside and get it. I thought about it for a second, I said what the hell, and chased him inside. When we got to the living room he stopped running, turned around and kissed me passionately. In a way I wanted him to stop but, my body became hot and steamy from him being so damn experienced at kissing. I became  very weak in the knees, and I began kissing him back. He took me by the hand and guided me down to the basement. It smelled like sour pussy and dead rats down there. What made the stench worse is that it was mid summer, and humid as hell. He pushed me down onto a damp mattress, and laid on top of me. He began to penetrate me with his long hard dick. When I realized that I didn’t even know his name I became turned off. I told him to stop but he payed me no attention. His strength allowed him to have his way with me. He raped the living shit out of me. When he was done his business he pulled out his cell phone and called up some guys. He told them that it was Jasmine and that he was in the basement of the house and that if any of them wanted some pussy that they better come now. When he hung up his cell phone about six or seven guys came into basement opening the condoms. Due to all of the rough fucking all i could remember is the name Jasmine. When i got out the hospital I was traumatized and pregnant. Later on I had my son and name him Jasmine. Every since the rape occurred thing haven’t been the same in my life. It’s all good though.

   When I moved the blanket away from Jasmine face he began crying louder.

“Ahhhh babbby, what’s the matter?” I asked as i picked him up.

That  did not stop him from crying, instead he cried more. I knew what the matter was when I smelled the mixture of shit and piss and heard a growl from his stomach. He needed to be changed and fed. I looked on the dresser for some pampers and milk, but it wasn’t any. That is definitely a problem.

I started to ask momma for a few dollars but I had an ideas as to what she would say. She would say fuck no and scream for me to get out of her goddamn face. I carried Jasmine into my bedroom and laid him across my bed. I checked my purse for some loose change and didn’t find anything. I was broke as shit.

“Kellie.” Momma yelled from her bedroom.

“Yeah’ ma.” I yelled back becoming agitated.

“First of all, you nappy head bitch, don’t be raising ya’ damn voice to me. Second of all, shut that crying ass baby up before i come in there and kick both y’alls ass.”

I ignored her stinking ass, grabbed the cordless phone, and called my homegirl Cee. She answered on the third ring, giggling about something.

“What bitch?” She said knowing that it had to be me.”

“Cee, girl wha’chu doing?”

“I ain’t doing shit yet. I was just laying here day dreaming about fucking and sucking Donnell.

“Oh yeah, Donnell huh?”

“Yeah girl I think I love his sexy ass.”
“Whatever Cee, you know damn well that you  don’t love no niggas…. Anyway, you have been talking to him for quite a while and you didn’t fuck him yet.

“What’s up with that, that’s unlike you?”

“You’re right Kellie I don’t love him, but i do like him alot. I didn’t fuck him yet because a bitch is playing hard to get.”

“I can see.” I said and we both laughed.

Donnell is the man of every bad bitch choice. Not to mention his homeboy Choo Choo Monty. I mean they were the modern day kriss kross. Donnell is lightskin, well red is what we called guys of his complexion in my hood. He stood about 5 feet 9 inches and weighs about 187 pounds. Every time I saw him he had his hair in long cornrow braids, I’m not sure if he keep keep his hair in that same style. He has about two or three diamond cut gold teeth on his top row of teeth. They shined like the sun whenever he smiled. Choo Choo Monty is the one that I want to suck and fuck wildly. He’s brown skin and stands about 5 feet 6 inches. He weighs somewhere 170 – 180 pounds. He wears his hair in cornrows too. The dimple on his left cheek drove me insane whenever he smiled. He has a lazy eye as a result of him being shot in the face. He also have a few scratches on his face from his injury. A bitch such as myself is able to look beyond that and see that he was even more sexy before he was shot. Him and I never said much to each other I think he’d afraid of me. I have a serious crush on him. Cee always give me the 411 on him. From what i’ve heard so far, he single and available. I’ll just wait to see if he’s man enough to make the first move. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he has a thing for me.

“Anyway, Cee what are you doing?”

“I ain’t doing shit, i thought i told you that already. How  about’chu what are you doing?”

“Yo I need some money, i’m broke as a muthafucka.”

“I hear you on that shit. How is my god son doing?”

“Girl, Jasmine is shitty and pissy as hell.”

“Kell if he’s messy like that then why don’t’cha lazy ass change him?”

“I would change him but I don’t have any diapers, I don’t even have any milk to feed him.”

“Damn Kell, why didn’t you say anything. I got about 20.00 to my name. Bring ya’ass around my house.”

As a matter of fact, by the time you get down here i’ll be back from the store with all that you need for Jasmine.”

“Thank you Cee. I love you so much for doing that for me.”

“C’mon Kellie, you don’t have to thank me for no shit like that. You’re my girl now hurry up and get’cha ass around here.”

“A’ight Cee i’m on my way.”

“Oh yeah Kel, we got some money moves to make tonight. I hope that you’re down wit’it.”

We both gave  a chuckle and I hung up. I knew exactly what Cee meant about making money moves. We are going out to rob some tricks. Cee really love me and my son. Whatever I didn’t have  she made it possible for me to get it one way or another. She’s wha’chu call a true friend. Even though Cee do what she do to survive I never looked down on her. People in our hood would say all kind of foul shit about her. “They say shit like Cee is cruddy, she’s a snake, and that she’d double cross anyone.” A lot of people don’t know Cee and what she has been through in her 22 years of living so they would say certain shit. I understand her because I went through some of it with her. She had a couple of fucked up experiences with men. Back in the day when Cee was like six and I was seven Cee dad Mr.Craig Mckoy was dealing drugs for two big time drug lords by the name of Tony Macaroni and Hook man. Hook man would send Mr.Craig packages of heroin through some sort of mail delivery service. One day the packages came through and the delivery guy was robbed for them. Mr.Craig found out what happened and called Tony Macaroni and told him what had happened, but Tony Macaroni wasn’t buying the story. Hook man made things worse by putting in Tony Macaroni’s head that Mr.Craig  was a rotten individual. Tony Macaroni sent his hit squad through and they told Mr.Craig that he had one month to pay back the money that he owed or else he’d die. Mr.Craig payed the hit squad no attention and went on about living his life. That following month Tony Macaroni, Hook man, and the hit squad came to where Cee and I was living at the time with Cee’s and her parents. It was about 12 noon when they all showed up. Mr.Craig was sleeping on the couch and Cee let them into the house. When Mr.Craig awoke and seen them in the house he damn near shit his pants.

“Where’s my shit?” Tony Macaroni asked as Hook man yanked him off the couch.

Mr.Craig was so afraid that he didn’t answer the question correctly.

“Tony Macaroni I don’t have the money or the product, but I do have a lovely daughter and wife, they’re fertile too. You can have your way with the both of them, have kids, and use the kids to help you get a lot of money.”

That statement made all of the guys upset. Hook man punched Mr.Craig in the mouth then drug him upstairs to the back room. Tony Macaroni went upstairs leaving Cee, her mom, and i alone with the hit squad. Cee mom began crying hysterically. Tony Macaroni peeked out the room and gave the hit squad the word to kill her. The guy that was the closest to the staircase walked to her and shot her several time in the head. From that moment on Cee and I knew better than to cry. One guy of the hit squad came over to the couch where Cee and i was sitting at and began fondling in Cee’s pants. He then asked.

“Are you Craig daughter?”

Cee ignored his question and slapped all the shit out of him. The guy became very angry and slammed her down on the floor. He pinned her to the floor, tore her pants off, and began to penetrate her tiny pussy. I picked up one of Cee’s mom high heel shoes cracked him upside his head. He balled his hand into a fist and punched me right in the eye. The other guys that was apart of the hit squad just stood around laughing. I couldn’t take it any more i began crying loudly. My crying had disturbed Tony Macaroni and Hook man from doing whatever they were doing to Mr.Craig. they came out of the bedroom and saw the guy on top of Cee and went crazy. While all of the attention was being payed to Cee, Mr.Craig climbed out of the window onto the fire escape. Hook noticed that he gone and quickly ran to the window. He caught Mr.Craig going down and fired six shots at him. It was  said later on that Mr.Craig died from multiple gun shot wounds to the of his head. When Hook came back down the stairs he was given the order to kill the hit squad guy that had raped Cee. Hook didn’t hesitate, he blew the guys brains right out of his head. To this day Cee can not have kids because of what that punk bitch did to her. Before the whole team left the house Tony Macaroni threw me a bag that contained a large amount of money and told me to take care of Cee as well as myself. That day Cee went  to the hospital. Later on she went to foster care. Eventually I went  back home with momma. I held on to the money and every time i’d see Cee i would look out for her. When Cee turned twelve years old she ran away from the foster home because her foster father and brother used to make her suck their dick. From then on she stayed with momma and I at this very house. At the age of eighteen she moved in with her grandmother Ms.Grady who moved up here from South Carolina. From the age eighteen to twenty two she’s been in and out of relationships. Every time she feels that the relationship is getting deep, she’ll cut it off. I guess she’s afraid of getting hurt. She live by that shit. Since every man that she loved and cared for fucked her over she will not trust none of them. I love and understand my girl.

“Chapter Two”


“The Plan”

When I arrived at Cee house it was a little after 7pm.The aroma of momma funky pussy and Jasmine messy diaper still haven’t left my nose.  That’s terrible. I knocked on the front door, and was let in by a loving Ms.Grady who quickly returned back to her seat on the couch. I guess her knees was bothering her again. I shut the door behind me and locked it.

“Hi you doing Ms.Grady?” I spoke as I walked into the living room.”

“I’m doing good Kellie. How have you been?”

“I’ve been doing good.”

“That’s good. I see that you got my little honeydip with you, bring’em over to me.”

“Ms.Grady, Jasmine have to be changed he smell.”

“So what he smells, i’ve smelled children for over 75 years. Why don’t you bring him here and let me change him.”

I gave Jasmine to Ms.Grady then asked her for Cee’s whereabouts.

“Kellie you know where that girl is at. She’s upstairs on the telephone.”

“A’ight Ms.Grady i’ll be right back. I have to get the milk and diapers from her.”

“Okay honey, take’ya time.”

I walked upstairs to Cee’s room where she was stretched out across the bed, listening to loud music, and bumping her gums on the telephone.

“Where is the shit Cee?” I asked yelling loud enough for her to hear me over the music.

“It’s on the dresser hoe. If you’d open your eyes and look then maybe you’d see it.” She said full of sarcasm.

I rolled my eyes at her then grabbed the bag off dresser. Cee had already made the bottles so I took the whole bag to Ms.Grady. I returned back to Cee room drinking a pepsi that i got from the refrigerator. I laid on the bed beside her and listened in on her conversation. She must’ve been talking to Donnell because she was disguising her voice. You know trying to sound all sexy and shit.

“Boy  you are so crazy, Kellie do not want’cha boy Choo Choo Monty.” She said causing me to give her a hard nudge on the shoulder.

“Ouch.” She said in almost a whisper.

“Girl don’t say nothing like that, I do want Choo Choo Monty.” I said loud enough for her to hear me.

“Kellie look, if I put you in with him i don’t want you to give up the goodies just yet, and don’t fall in love. It’s no telling when we’d have to fuck the both of them over. “Do you understand?” She asking holding the mute button on the phone.

“Yeah I understand , now handle ya’business.”

She put the phone back to her ear and began talking her shit. I listened in closely.

“Okay Donnell maybe Kellie do want Choo Choo Monty. “Do you think you can handle hooking that up for her?”

Cee’s facial expression gave me the impression that things were all good. All of sudden I felt something wet run down my leg. It felt as if i had cum on myself. I got out of bed walked to the bathroom. When i pulled down my jeans and panties my pussy was covered in blood. I forgot that i come on my period at this time of the month. I wonder how Cee and i are going to go freaking tonight when i’m going through my cycle. I took a wash cloth and cleaned my shit out real good. I the rolled up piece of toilet  paper  and stuck it in my pussy hole in place of a tampon. I think the toilet paper will hold over until I get to a tampon. I pulled up my panties and walked back into the room with Cee. She was through talking to Donnell.”

“What’s up Kell?” She asked as i sat down at the foot of her bed.

“Ain’t shit up. I just need some money bad.”

“Oh yeah, money huh?”

“Hell yeah Cee, i’m fucked up in the game.”

“How is Ms. Bridgette doing?”

“Cee you know momma is, she’s tripping about the bills and the rent.”

   “Okay, are they paid.”

    “No not yet. She got her half i just gotta get mine.”

    “Well that ain’t gonna be a problem. You already know how we do.”

    “It is a problem Cee, i’m on my period.”

    “Damn girl that’s fucked up, but look, fuck that shit niggas is some nasty muthafuckas. If they’ll walk through mud then they’ll fuck through blood.”

We both cried in laughter. The joke was the absolute truth. No matter what, Cee always found a way to bring me up when I was feeling down.

“Here Kellie, take this soap, rag, and towel to the bathroom and go shower. I took one just before you and Jasmine got down here.”

“Yeah right.” I joked taking what she had for me and walked into the bathroom.

When I got in the tub I began thinking about what sort of plan Cee may have in store for us tonight. I wonder if it’ll be another one of her bright ideas that’ll damn near get us killed, or would it be one that’ll be as successful as so many others. I don’t know what’s up but i’m down for whatever it is.

I stuck my face under the hot steamy shower water and for some reason my insides became hot and steamy as hell. I wanted some sex bad as hell. I rubbed my hand across my titties and my nipples were as hard as rocks. I let out a loud gasp of air as i pinched them as hard as i could. I moved my hand down between my legs and began working wonders on my clit. It made me become more hornier as i began tugging at it. I slipped two fingers into my pussy hole and gave it an in and out motion until I came uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop there I needed more. I kept the in and out motion going until I eventually had my whole fist in it. This time when I came it was if a volcano erupted. Cum dripped all over my hand as glimpse of Choo Choo Monty flowed through my mind. Another three seconds of me cumming had passed and finally. I was done. I couldn’t  believe what I had done in Cee’s tub. I didn’t care the ugh. all I care is that Choo Choo Monty dick game is as good as I think it is. While showering I heard the bathroom door squeak, but when I looked I saw no one. I turned the shower off and heard footsteps walking away. I cleaned out the tub then left the bathroom wearing only a towel. I walked in the bedroom and Cee was in the mirror applying makeup to her face. I stared at her body admiring how sexy it was. I love the way the white thongs looked in the crack of her ass. The thongs and matching bra made her skin appear lighter than it really is. Cee is a sexy bitch and I wanted badly for her to know that coming from me. I’m bisexual and i’m afraid to approach her in that manner. I think she’d strictly dickly. I guess i’ll never know for sure. I took the oil of olay oil from the nightstand and oiled my body from head to toe. When I was through I put on the black thongs and bra that Cee had laid across the bed for me. Cee was spraying African Pride hair spray in her hair when I caught her staring at  my titties through the mirror. I saw this and did not rush to snap my bra shut. I made sure she got herself a good ole’ look.

“Kellie.” She said as I turned around to give her a look at my phat ass.

“What’s up Cee?” I asked nervously.

“Kel, I need you to come here for one second.”

I hope she isn’t mad at me for coming on to her. I thought as I walked over to her. I stared into the mirror with her as she continued doing her hair. She put down the hair spray and began applying makeup to my face. The makeup made my almond brown skin look damn near her complexion. I don’t know if that was a sign of Cee knowing what she was doing or what. I didn’t say anything. I just let her do her thing.

Written by: Madifest Da God
Look for this book to be published very soon.

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  1. So far I love it…it’s very interesting, detailed & entertaining however there are a lot of grammatical errors & before anything is published it should be revised & corrected.

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