Freaky Friday – Types Of Sexual Personalities

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

In male and female sexual relationships, each individual brings their emotional vocabulary. Emotions influence sexual likes and dislikes. Sexual likes and dislikes are determined by your genetic code, parents, sexual experienced, culture, emotional sexual wounds (hurts), spirituality, dysfunctions, physical structure and personality. Sex, just like foods, motor vehicles, races, planets, music, animals, languages, water (i.e., spring, ocean, distilled, and polluted) and seasons are classified. The classification of sex behaviors is called sexual personalities.

Is sex a big thing to you as well as your partner? Do you want to keep that spark, pizzazz, energy, connection, and desire from the first time? Having an understanding of your sexual personality and your partner’s sexual personality produces more harmony in the relationship. Understanding your partner’s sexual personality gives you the knowledge you need to sexually adapt. You are only sexually compatible or complimentary if you can adapt. Therefore, adapting, adjusting and being flexible use the key to sexual harmony. If you are not sexually compatible or complimentary, then adapting will make you have sexual harmony. Adapting is the key. Next up is some descriptions not precise of some personalities.

Type 1: Warrior (Challenger) Sexuality Birth Date between March 22, and May 12.

  • Warriors like sex to be a struggle, sport and/or a psychological game of chess (mind game). They tend to find sexual delight in a hunter and prey scenario or the now you can have sex and now you cannot have sex (mood game). Sexual reflection is a challenge to their romantic tactics and merely arouses them more. Warriors want to sexually out-perform their sex partner. They tend to want to have a better orgasms than their mate or their mate’s previous partner. They feel sex is enhanced is it is mixed with wit, sexy words, and flirtation. They get excited by dominating sex activities.
  • Female Warriors
    • These females are passionately sensual more than nurturing. They have a need for material security – the more security, the more sexy they are. They feel that the energy the males get from sex with them should contribute to his emotional and intellectual well being. They require emotional security and positive comments. They like their sexual abilities, positions, and foreplay praised or else they will criticize the male’s sexuality. Warriors do not like criticism about their eroticism. They like the male to perform sex in a nurturing manner.
  • Male Warriors
    • Warriors like to feel as if they are in control of the choices of sexual positions and petting. They tend to like females that have a passive outer sexual personality and an aggressive inner sexual personality. They are willing to let the female achieve an orgasm first only if they feel that the female is not their sexual equal. If the female presents too much of a sexual challenge to arouse to orgasmic levels than he may escalate his eroticism as a means to subdue her and be victorious. He tends to imagine himself as a sex idol that is too sexually complicated to be satisfied by any woman.

Join me next week on Freaky 😈 Friday to find out Type Two.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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