The Family Bond “The Introduction”

Good Afternoon Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

This is going to get a little controversial for some and or other they simply will not give a fuck. Either way this is the I decided to release this book. I believe this form is better so that I can answer any and all questions head on.


If all men are created equally then why is it that Black Men are born with 2 strikes against them andothers aren’t?

If all men are createdequally then why is it that only Black or colored people walked around with atree on their backs or died by the hands of society?

If all men are createdequally then tell me why all men weren’t chosen to rise after death?


First, allow me the privilege of introducing myself I am Kenya Denise Spann, and no I am not a sociologist, or anthropologist or am I a scientist of any kind, yet.  However, my studies are in neuroscience.  Which mean my functionality will be the study of the human brain, psyche, development, capabilities, and growth.  My reason for this profession was simple, my oldest son’s brain doesn’t quite work as mine or others does.  I’m not saying he is slow but wired different.  This isn’t necessary a bad thing, but it isn’t necessary a great thing.  I have learned a lot from watching and raising him but need to study more of him to know more about him.  Please note this book isn’t about him per say but it is about the black or colored men in our communities and this world as a whole.

Now let me tell you who I am.  I am just a mother of three, one daughter, two sons and most recently a grandmother of one beautiful granddaughter.  She is also the reason I am writing this book.  It is because I know there is no place on this planet she can go without racism, hatred, judgement, lies, or fear.  I know that there isn’t much I can do but isn’t it time that we try.  We as black people and I say colored people because we come in all shades.  We are the only people on the planet that does come in a variety of colors and can produce a variety of colors from our reproduction of two very different shades of beings.  So, when this simple, mother, sister of many siblings, aunt of many nieces, and nephews, cousin of thousands, and friend to many tell you that I see, saw and seen things that I should have, didn’t want to, nor should I have, believe me.  I am not writing this book to put fear in anyone but to open the hearts and minds of many who is closed off and have been lied to their whole lives.  We all have been lied to base on His-Story but will never tell you Our-Story.  That’s where the problem come into play, what is Our-Story.  Where do we hail from and why do they not want us united?  Why is our demise so important to their survival?     

This isn’t going to be your average run of the mill book.  I’m not going to sugar coat nothing or try tohide anything.  I’m going to do my bestto improve your mind, open your eyes, and push you to be better.  My sister said this is a self-help book, Isaid it is a telling it like it is book. You be the judge of that!  You caneither accept what you about to read, or you can deny it, and continue to livethe way are you now.

If how you are living as Kings and Queens well great, and you cansay you are an asset to the world, then by all means read the book anyway, butif not then give this book a try, and see what you can do to improve yourself,and the community around you?

No longer will you or anyone else have tunnel vision but we willbe able to see further and understand pass where we stand if we just listen,comprehend, and acknowledge.  Whendealing with color on color we cannot be indirect, demanding, but blunt,direct, strong willed, and forceful.

What is the most a colored family should look forward to in any coloredpopulated environment?  Let’s see if wetogether can break down the family’s perspective to rebuild its values.

What does the word family mean?  According to the dictionary it means; a basic social unit consisting of parents, and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not.

What do family mean to you?

Tomorrow I will drop the first chapter of the book “The Family Bond” so we can analyze where we as a black nation, community went wrong and where we can revitalize our community, while restoring the bond within our homes.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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