Dollar Tree Mayhem

Goddess Afternoon Royals

My sister and I were going shopping this afternoon after I had my annual mammogram.  Ladies I can’t stress how important it is to get checked for breast cancer.  Any how I needed some things from the Dollar Tree and we decided to go to the one on Bel-Air Road, but lo and behold it is not opened.

First we couldn’t enter the parking lot because there was a sign truck stupidly blocking the entrance and so we had to park on the street.  Anyone who knows how traffic is on Bel-Air Road knows that it is dangerous anytime of the day no matter what.  Then you don’t want to leave your car and have to walk away from it in that neighborhood.

Secondly we got to the entrance and there is a big sign on the door.  Close for business, because of Food Contamination.  What in the world is going on here?  I was just there last week and well I didn’t purchase food from there but I did purchase picture frames, which I was returning to purchase more today.  That didn’t happen!

Now here is my question to you all, who in the hell purchases food from the Dollar Tree?  I know that it only cost a dollar but are you fucking serious right now.  No thank you, I barely wants to purchase food from markets that is credible, so why would I purchase from one that isn’t #1 not a market, not even considered a grocery store, #2 not identifiable as a grocery store, #3 doesn’t even have the word food in the tile or the description.  They aren’t even considered a convenience store.  Don’t get me wrong you have to purchase from where you can afford food from, but remember it is at your own risk.

Why put you or your family at such a risk?  For me, myself, and I wouldn’t do it, but of course I am not the one who got them shut down for purchasing contaminated food from the Dollar Tree.  To each is own, but you are the one that have to pay the price of your mistakes.

I am not down playing where you shop and what you can afford.  I say if you have only a dollar and you need something from the store and you know the Dollar Tree has it well purchase it.  Just remember this everywhere you purchase food and not completely sure of the place then you  are playing with your life at your own risk.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove


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