Living: A Lifestyle Choice

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

When you didn’t come from it.. you try to get to it! When you came from it…you abuse it!

Many people will also understand but for those who can’t quite grasp the concept, here it is! Most people who have been raised in lesser conditions or poverty have a hunger to want, do, create better. Not always in a positive tone sometimes in a negative undertone, but the fact is there. Their heart be in the right place but not necessarily their minds. The idea is to give their families a life that not always affordable to their pockets. As for themselves they want the shiny toys (cars, houses, boats, planes, jewelry) but the reality is their struggle isn’t getting them there in a timely manner. Some wants to be fast tracked there once the thought enters their psyche. Then reality comes into focus but by then dark clouds has clouded their judgment. They believe that their fantasy is a long shot with no clear sight for it to happen.

That’s when demons and the devil gets to whispering in their ear. Helping the negativity to build and manifest into rage or opportunities for a quicker lifestyle. Now it’s time to scope out targets and prey on what others have, even though the potential for better is there. The timeframe isn’t structurally sound. Meaning they want the lifestyle more rather than later. Plots are formed! Now here’s where it gets tricky. Plans are hashed out along with recruiters! (This might just be me but why bring others into your mischief)? If you’re such a badass or so determined to have; why bring others into your madness?

If you want to take from others then do so but solo! When you add others the stakes are higher. The take have to be split more and there’s always a chance of mutiny. Why risk everything for such? If they aren’t satisfied with their cut you run the risk of them turning on you or snitching on you. Is it worth jail or death to have what someone else have? I guess so because it goes down daily for those who trying to get it. The impulse to do it the incorrect way is instilled in so many because it’s what they are programmed to do. (Society subliminal messages that’s programmed into the psyche daily through social media, advertising and marketing strategies).

Everyone plays a part but not everyone signs up for the part. It’s just how the system works to create a distance from those who have and those who wants it.

Now for those who have it and can’t spend it fast enough to impress others. Also we see it all the time as well. Social media make sure you see it just to ensure inferiority to the less fortunate. They are well within their right to do so and should continue to do as they please. The abuse calls out to the opportunists to come get it. When you call them out they will answer the call. When you express, they can’t get it like you; that just tells them to come take yours. Why make yourself a target when you don’t have to be a target? You want the spotlight there’s people who will help you to get it.

Making it rain like a thunderstorm is chasing behind it will definitely have clout chasers chasing that storm! So when you are face to face with the pack of wolves too called out don’t cry wolf or “Johnny Law”, when in fact you quantify requested a fox hunt. Except your ass got wolves instead of hounds; now run little fox. You got your little hunt game on but there’s no hunters to tame the wolf pack and these wolves are not only hungry; they bite!

You didn’t just kick up dust, you turned the dirt and got mud. Once you got your ass handed to you, you want to report a crime and play victim. I admit it is yours but didn’t you get the warning signs to proceed with caution? What did you think, just because you have family and friends in the struggle, you was alright? Hell no you are now the prey and the predators are in the prowl.

Don’t get scared now, toss it up, shake it up, floss on your drip. The same people you stepped on or slept on is the same people that will plot against you and on what you have. Humble yourself and know that anyone can fall just like anyone to have a come up! Allow your wealth to move in silence to avoid the violence.

Keep posting your location! Keep showing all the ice! Keep advertising your cars and crib to get like! Keep telling your business and soon everyone’s in your business! Keep inviting the wolves in only to see how you really move! Keep believing in friends you only met when your money started to show.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove # GoddezzKPublishing #Twelve


Published by missk22

I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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