Manic Monday! Dealing with Chaos

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Yes I know today is Tuesday and you will get a “Timeless Tuesday from me but I need to tell you all about Monday.

I have a new puppy, he is Boerboel x Bull Mastiff. Which if you know anything about dogs mean that as a 3 month old puppy he is big already. I had him for two days and let me tell you I forgot how much work a new puppy is of any size. I forgot about the uncontrolled bathroom situations not to mention the interrupted sleep patterns. But nonetheless, I love my baby already. His name is Kane and at first I thought he wouldn’t get along with my Shih Tzu because he is territorial but they are like best friends. This made me happy. Choco is the oldest of the two and since he is almost 48 in age he is like the alpha for now but we all know that will be changing in a few. Any way I had to introduce him to the cat Roderick and let me say this, the cat isn’t happy. He was upset with me when I brought Chocolate and Choco home so, when Kane came through that door he gave me a look like, “Are you fucking kidding me?!” He isn’t a happy camper, but he stays out of the way until he gets familiar with the new addition to the family. Kane knows he is there but have yet to comfort him in any harmful manner. Still Roderick isn’t having it or taking any chances.

Then I had to link up with my brother Rodney and my man Deon so my brother could get his car worked on. With these two it was a little difficult but I somehow made it work. My brother said he need Deon to look at his car for him and so I set it up for 10 am but it didn’t happen until 1 pm. See men have no time factors. No let me correct that because Deon was on time but Rodney wasn’t. He forgot that he had a class for his job to go to. Then when he got there they told him that it was scheduled for next Monday and not this Monday. He was upset so I calmed him down and told him to just meet me at the house so that Deon could look at his car. He had thought that me passed up that opportunity but he didn’t. I on the other hand had to go to a school Parent/Teacher conference for my granddaughter so I knew I wouldn’t be there when either one reached the house. Deon still had work to do on my daughter’s car so I knew he would be there without a shadow of a doubt but my brother had no idea. Anyway they finally got to link up around 1 pm after both blowing up my phone like there aren’t two grown men who can do a meet and greet on their own. It isn’t like they don’t know one another.

Then I had a Parent/Teacher conference with my son’s teacher that got cancelled along with his follow-up with his Pediatrician but rescheduled both because both had family emergencies. I wasn’t upset I was quiet relieve to be honest with you. However, I did get to do my granddaughter’s hair and cook dinner. So I end up have a great day after all. My grandniece and granddaughter got to spend some time together. My dogs and my brother dogs had a great time as well. Managed to get my son to karate, cook, wash clothes and get my daughter from work, all while spending time with everyone. So all in all it turned out to be a great Monday, crisis averted.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove.


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