Goddess morning Royals. Giving praise and worship to the all high.

Well we’re in it now and there is no turning back. Welcome to 2019 and I must say it is looking different for me if it isn’t for anyone else in my family. I have started several new business adventures and is making great stride in accomplishing the goal set for them.

I promised myself that I will be better at blogging and so far I am doing just that.

I promised my self that I would have two books to release for publication and I completed that task.

I promised myself that I will be a better person to my family and I am struggling with that a little based sole on their cooperation but I will not give up because it is a promise to myself.

I promised myself I will be less stressful this year and for the years to come.

I promised myself I am giving up on those who don’t want me in their lives, I will not be stressing myself about their well-being if they aren’t. I know the Village Cry is about helping people, but that is sole based on pure cooperation and not by force. I will not be trying so hard to make others life more comfortable if the insist on is being the most painful thing they live for. I mean childbirth is easier than trying to assist people.

So with all that say and moving into place I shall now quote my favorite saying by me. “I cannot be your everything and you be your nothing.”

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

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