Snitching Issues

We as parents need to be most concern when our children doesn’t want to be considered a snitch. But let evaluate the no snitching or no telling rule.
Your child has been rape by a close friend, family member, or boyfriend. But she dare to tell you because she hear you saying no snitching! Wow now your child’s life is so fucked up because not only did she not tell but she has contracted a disease or is pregnant but you are so out of touch with reality all you hear is, Ma or Dad I’m pregnant!
Ok again you son witnessed the attack on his sister but he too cannot say because, well once again there is a no snitching rule in your house because you honor the streets no than your own family. So what do he do he takes it upon himself to help his sister out and kills this person. You are so dumb you say your child went hard but he cannot tell you why he has done what he has done. All you know is he has done it.  Now he’s in jail for life for taking a life when it all could have been avoided had you just been a parent and not a coward. You have literally lost two children to the streets and in life because there is no snitching.
Your daughter and son turns on you and wishes harm comes you way. But can you blame them there was no one there for them when they need you. They are hurting so they believe in their heart of hearts that you are the enemy not the streets.
Where in life does any parent allow such a thing to happen then they themselves are dysfunctional and is in need of some serious help. Lord help the child who is living in such ruins and dysfunction as such!
In my house tell everything because I want to know everything. I refuse to have a family scared to live because of predictors, cowards, drug dealers, boys, girls, bully’s, junkies, addicts, rapist, molesters, or anyone else. If they have done something and you know its wrong tell me I’ll snitch for you because your mother is your protector and God is hers.
Another case

your family member (child, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent) was just murdered by a random person but people on the block knows who done it. You want to know but no one is telling because they refuse to snitch. Your family is hurting suffering. You hear that the lady around the way knows who done it, you go to her but she’s not saying a word.
The no snitching rule doesn’t make much sense now to you because you really needs some help with catching the person responsible.
Your family member has been adducted and there is witnesses bu they honor the code of the street, no snitching! You plead with them but no one is saying!
Tell me what sense does it make for you to have to suffer if you don’t have to. Please think carefully before you honor such dumb, stupid codes! Someone’s life could be hanging in the balance. Just imagine if the shoes or situations was yours, what would you want to happen or would do?


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